28 November 2006

Holiday Madness!

I am industriously trying to print out notes for class tomorrow, study for math, and update my poor, forgotten blog. So much crazy fun when you're livin' the life...
Put up Christmas lights at home today after class. It always amazes me how I can check the strands twice before I put them up, put them up, and then realize they're not working all of a sudden. So I take that strand down and test it again. By golly, it's working again. I get it back up on the roof only to be smacked upside the head with the sudden remembering that this strand is a blinking set and, oh, just might start blinking, which I could possibly misunderstand as 'not working'. Not that such a situation has ever happened... Oh, never! Not more than once in one light-hanging event, right?? That would be silly... (Man, good thing I didn't start talking to myself... Then I would sounds crazy)
But I found out a new Law of the Universe! Females of my age are not allowed to use ladders outside to hang holiday decorations! The theory is that for some unresearched reason we'll just fall off and make 'someone' look bad. (My take on it is that we're top-heavy, due to our massive brains of course, so that makes us topple over...) Just so you know, I will NOT be climbing any ladders outdoors this holiday season! Yay!
My Goddaughter is three years old, as of yesterday!!! (It's so strange that she's so old! Every time I see her I'm amazed that she isn't still a baby but a walking, talking, funny toddler!)
We did really well at our Kappa Psi burger sale yesterday. Raised about $850 for the Ronald McDonald House charity! (Which is worth the soreness I feel today as a result of carrying a full ice chest around...) Plus we made some really delicious burgers; I'm very proud of how well everything turned out!
Skronky's computer died/had a stroke this week... Happy thoughts for a full recovery, please?
I'm already frightened by finals. The anxiety has set in even though finals aren't until the 2nd full week of Decemeber...They will all be cumulative: Biochem Monday, Practice Tues, DDS Weds, Math (if need be) Thurs, and Physio Friday at which point I will go home and head straight to bed for several hours (by hours I probably mean days). [At some point that week my little brother Dork will turn the Huge 18 years old!!!!] So Yay school!
Christmas is coming so fast. I'm being pressured to make a Christmas list, even though I'm legal now... Any suggestions would be helpful if you have ideas...?
Love to you all and hope you have a lovely week! (Oh! And if you live around here get ready for the freezing cold weather headed our way this week!!!)


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