07 November 2006

Hey Man Now You're Really Living

Chaco had to go to the vet today! Poor puppy had an abscessed tooth! He's home and feeling better already but looks a little worse for the wear right now.
School is going like crazy. Everyone's doin' okay as far as I know. Busy is a constant it seems.
Today has been a good day. No substantial complaints here. Been thinking about Christmas already. I'm starting to get a little excited because I actually have ideas already this year, which is soo unlike me. I usually have NO idea whatsoever about what to get for anyone. And even though it's not what Christmas is about, I do like giving my loved ones gifts that they'll use or at least enjoy (especially since at Christmas I have an excuse and they can't get out of accepting any gifts! Muhahaha!) The crafty part of me thinks I might make a few gifts this year... We'll see how that turns out closer to finals week and the added stress of the end of the semester stuff but for now I have good intentions. Woohoo!!
Back to studying Math/Biochem/DDS/Physio... (never-ending cycle...) Love you all!

To wear your heart on your sleeve isn't a very good plan; you should wear it inside, where it functions best. - Margaret Thatcher


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