17 October 2006

Friendships: Lost & Found

Short day of classes and feeling better. Yay! Watched about a third of the Labyrinth today before I fell asleep. Basically I'm like a four year old in that respect... But I do really love that movie. It's one of those I grew up with that still have a hold on me. Does my generation have its own David Bowie-esque icon? I couldn't tell ya who that would be... Really a shame though if we don't somehow. (Of course, there's only one Bowie but we should have someone of our generation to fill that hole in our lives... haha)
Random thoughts about friends to follow, read at your own risk... haha...
The combined bit of lore that "you're always seventeen in your hometown" and will forever run into people you went to HS with drives the next paragraph or few... Living at home definitely shows me that all the time, that no matter what I'm doing in town, I'll see someone I know. And I caught a bit of a tv show (a really lame tv show that is too campy to bear) called 'The Class' wherein members of a HS class, I assume, keep running into each other as "adults" (while still acting like stupid teens, go figure). Made me think about how our relationships in HS were so complex and silly, built up around nothing but free time to gossip about who did what and with whom. Even before that, in middle school and jr high, friendships formed and broke in a matter of weeks. Your best friend remained as the one who was a constant in your life, for at least, say, a year or so. I went through about 7 (female) friends who bore the title "best" through my 13 years of public school education. That divides out to almost 2 years each if none of them overlapped, which of course they did. Strangely, my moving on to a new best friend was never preceded by a huge fight with the former best, usually just by the passage of time forcing us to move on, either to other schools or into new circles. Very weird to think about. These days my "best" friends tend to be more on the same level I am, ideals/values and thought-wise but before, in childhood, friends were about who was on your side and played with you at recess. Simple as that. Some of my former bests now live lives worlds away from where I am in my own, funny to think we once shared the same page not to mention world. Guess that's what growing up does? Sometimes when I hear news of one of them I can't help but pause to think that could be me... we were the same, once, and I might have followed the same path. How strange would that be? Would I still be the same person, just a different situation? Or would it twist me into someone else (Think twilight zone with all those different "dimentions")?
I can't really include my best guy friends in that equation because it's not really the same with them. They were and/or are all more like brothers to me, helping me get through life in a different way than my gal pals did. (Okay, that sounds stupid to say that way but I can't verbalize it any better) Not that my girls weren't wonderful but I feel really blessed that the guys connected to my life in so many ways were of such good influence on me. Cheesy but very true. Even the few disappointing events/experiences taught lessons that could have been much worse. I'll even go "there" and admit that of all my friends from HS the ones I miss most, and get to talk to least, are my guys.
So here's to all the friends in life and the lessons they teach us.

On a slightly more creepy note, I'm somewhat liking the new show "Dexter". It is creepy but also makes me think, so I suppose it's worth watching. Anyhoo...
On to studying physiology... we're still on the kidney/renal system, just in case you were wondering. It's truly exciting.
Oh! If you, or anyone you know, would like a shi tzu dog/puppy one of my classmates found a stray and can't keep it... Apparently it's very loving and cute but she's looking for a good home for him (I think him?) since she doesn't want to take him to the Pound for fear that he'll be stuck there without a home. Let me know if you're interested??
Love ya'll and hope your week is going wonderfully!

"In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."- Martin Luther King Jr.


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