15 October 2006

Sad and study

Supposed to be studying but came across this... "Principal quits after shooting kittens" and had to stop and wonder why someone with his level of education, since obviously a school wouldn't hire someone without credentials, would do something so blatantly stupid and inhumane. Maybe I don't know all of the details of the story but I do believe that most cities/counties have animal shelters that stray animals can be taken to if they turn up at your house, school, etc. If you take animals there and there's no chance they'll live, ie way too young to survive without their mother, then the staff at the shelter will euthanize them humanely, not with a shotgun for Pete's sake. And what makes anyone think shooting anything on school property these days is a good idea???? That's a big "DUH" for ya! Don't do it!!! (If he had time to drive home to get a gun, which I hope he doesn't keep in his office at school, then he had time to take the kittens elsewhere...)
After that kind of pick-me-up I think I'll get back to studying biochem... gluconeogenesis, lipids, amino acid metabolism, uric acid cycle, and purines, oh boy!!!

"I chose the study of the synthesis of urea in the liver because it appeared to be a relatively simple problem." ~Hans Krebs, 1970 (Ha! What the heck was he thinking???)


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