30 July 2004

Wedding receptions suck

Okay. Got off work early today. Feeling peckish since have to go to a wedding reception tonight. I ought to be ecstatic for them, they really are nice and lovely, but I just get so bored at these things. Crikey. I'm not terribly close to the couple, he works for my mum; she calls him her second son (that's how close they are). Well, I'll just deal with it and hope they have an open bar... j/k
Did everyone hear about Francis Crick? (DNA, Double-helix, James Watson, Nobel, etc...) He died just this week (July 28th, I think) of cancer at the age of 88. Isn't that sad? To be honest I didn't know he was still alive but it's sad none the less. He really helped progress the medical/scientific worlds. He surely kicked butt. (BTW James Watson is still around; in mid-70's)
I'm going to stop here. I'm being weird and am thinking of finding some chocolate to remedy myself (or get to where I just don't care). Have a gorgeous weekend ya'll!

It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them. - Emerson

29 July 2004

Mute, Today, Hairsticks, TV/Dems

I love the mute button on the TV remote. Isn't it a wonderful thing? Brings calm to a room like nothing else.
Today has been a fairly lazy day. Cleaned the kitchen, did the workout thing, weeded/dead headed in the garden, showered, visited Grandmum, ate chicken strips and drank lots of chocolate milk. See, rather boring, huh?
I've got my hairsticks in my hair. Haven't worn any in a while and thus occasionally forget that I am wearing them so I freak out every now and then when I turn my head and the tip of one of them hits my shoulder. Chalk the paranoia up to too much choco milk today, will you?
I'm listening to the radio and I like this song. REM's Bad Day. Not too bad. OOOooohh! Sonic Reeses Blast is yummmy. (short break here to enjoy lovely treat)
Alright. I am back. Ok. Lately I've been watching the TV some, the news even. And the DNC has been on a lot. So, I've formed some opinions.
I don't like Mrs. Heinz-Kerry. She seems rude. I think Kerry and Edwards together is a scary, uber liberal match. And the fact that they're both named John is just strange to me. That would be confusing if one were in their circle. It seems to me that Kerry is leaning too much on his military record. Some in the media have been calling John Edwards the next Kennedy. I totally disagree. He just doesn't cut it for me, not in charm or looks and certainly he is missing a Jackie here. (Obviously I'm not old enough to remember what Kennedy was like in real life but there are tapes and pictures.)  I don't know enough about his platform to compare them but it is plainly a different world we're living in compared to the 50's and 60's. ~Can anyone tell me, is it true that Kerry wants to re-instate the draft? Guess I could do some research myself but am putting it off until nearer November... Bad me, but I will be voting so not total apathy here.
Okay, that will be all I'm saying about politics, for a while at least.
And I have two nice quotes for ya...

I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.           -Voltaire
To make democracy work, we must be a nation of participants, not simply observers. One who does not vote has no right to complain. -Louis L'Amour

27 July 2004

Dream. Grouchy whining.

Okay, I just had the strangest dream.
Start off looking for my college MBio lab class then wind up back in my hometown at the HS parking lot... I was trying to park my truck when I met up with one of my guy friends from HS (FiSH). We talk for a while and he gives me a enormous bottle of Bacardi (sp?), strawberry flavored if I remember right. I smartly accept and hide it behind my passenger seat, though it's still pretty much in plain sight. Then I drive around some more and then get stopped by the HS principal. He thinks I have alcohol in my truck. I calmly try to get out of it and say "No, why would I, of all people, have that in my truck?" He insists on searching my truck, which I let him. Pulls all kinds of stuff out of my truck that would never fit inside. He doesn't find it but wants to go get the chemistry teacher to come look since he knows I have something. At this point I just leave. And that's all I remember, other than being really pissed at my guy friend who I just know must have told on me, spiteful boy, just so I would be stripped of all my HS titles (Key Club Pres, Mock Trial Pres, NHS, Math&Sci officer, etc... list is too long to write out totally). He would never do that in real life so I was really, really hurt too, almost to tears (in my dream).

Okay. First off I don't drink so I would never really accept that huge bottle. Neither have I ever seen this particular guy friend drink, though I think he does occasionally. Why am I looking for college class at HS? The principal would never believe that I had alcohol. I was the epitome of the good kid in HS so my truck being searched would NEVER have happened. Esp not w/o my dad being there. And why the Chem teacher? And my guy friend would never do anything so spiteful to me. He wasn't in all the clubs and junk that I was but he wouldn't do anything on purpose to get me kicked out of anything. And lastly, why would I give a crap what the principal said to me or wanted me to do? I graduated over a year ago. What's he got over me to make me do anything at all?

Enough of that. I was quite confused when I awoke but all is now well. Yesterday sucked. Work just generally does that to a day, I've noticed. And then when I was supposed to get to go home at 2300 my relief still hasn't shown up. She doesn't arrive until 2320. Grrrr.... I was so tired and ready to leave after 16 hours there already... even had a headache so I probably wasn't my normal cheerful self. She's just lucky I didn't have the energy to cuss her out and still make it home so I picked making it home.
I just think people should be on time. Esp for work, whereat they're getting paid to be there. I take it as a sign of disrespect. I've never been late to work more than a minute or two at most. The 2 times, in a whole year, I called in it was at least 2 hours in advance and because my truck was broke down and I had no way of getting there. I always get my schedule in early and go to all the stupid classes they require me to sit through. It isn't that hard. Come on people. Get with the program.

Wow. Sounds like I'm a little grouchy today, huh? LOL   Really, just getting it out there so I don't keep it inside. Sorry and I promise to write happy, nice things next time. Tootles!

Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine. - Lord Byron

24 July 2004

Spanish music, canned cheese, bangs, etc

I'm listening to Spanish music right now. It's a pretty song but I have no idea what he's talking about... just a word now and then...
I just found out that my parents like that runny gross cheese like ya get on nachos from basketball/football games or at the bowling alley. Mum brought home a large can of it. That is just wrong. Cheese should not be in a can, ever. Yuck. Whoever thought that was a good idea is seriously disturbed. My parents are just confused/it's just a phase. (Isn't that what they say about everything I do that they don't agree with?)
I'm very much thinking of getting bangs. Or something. Just tired of having my hair just like this for so long. It's been... at least 5 years like this... well, I did put in some lightener lately but that's it. Same as freshman year of HS. Scary how much about me has changed while my hair has stayed the same.
Ok. Genie in a Bottle in Spanish is just freakin' hilarious. Do you think she understands what she's saying or just trusts the translator? Crikey, it's killing me!
OH! Dawn still hasn't moved yet! She was supposed to yesterday but hasn't. I don't know... for those of you who know her please call her and bug her for me, please?
I went and saw Catwoman with Dawn yesterday evening. Pretty good movie. The CG character they used part of the time was fairly good. Could hardly tell it was fake other than the fact that not even Halle Berry, or any other human being, could do some of those stunts.
I helped Mum clean out the extra bedroom upstairs this morning. That was pretty funny since her closet is there too. She had some funny stuff. I tried a coupla things on and that was even funnier since she's smaller than I am by quite a bit. Looked like I was going to try out for either the circus or a corner in Vegas (not that Mum is like either of those, her clothes just sometimes look hilarious on me).
Well, I need to go help with dinner so tootles!

Errors, like straws, upon the surface flow; He who would search for pearls must dive below. -John Dryden, All For Love

23 July 2004

Just a ramble...

Today has been alright. Not quite as wonderful as yesterday but I'm sure I'll survive. Can't think of much meaningful to say... So I'll ramble for a little while and ya can read or not. Probably won't change your life... Shouldn't...
Bread and Butter pickles are pretty darn tasty. Pickles are green. Mum, Dork, and I were or are all wearing green shirts today. I got this shirt at Target. I like getting cards from Target. I need to go get some more cards, there's a whole slew of birthdays coming up in August.  I start back to school in August. I go to school at OU. OU has an awesome football team. I've only played football a coupla times. I like playing volleyball better. Men's beach volleyball is great fun to watch. Hawaii has lots of beaches. I was born in Hawaii. In May. May is nice but not in my favorite season, which is fall or sometimes winter. I like it when there's snow in winter. Snow skiing is a blast. So is snow boarding though I ended up on my butt most of the time when I tried. Today I tried to work on my T-shirt quilt but got too frustrated so I stopped and started writing this.
That's enough. Have a great weekend ya'll!

Write on your heart that every day is the best day of the year. -Emerson

22 July 2004

Good day, gossiping grandma, cute Chaco

Aloha Ya'll!
Thus far today is a great day. Slept in and finally got to workout! Yea! Been too busy lately. And then I cleaned house and visited Grandma. She's such a hoot. Love her to pieces. Always ready to impart the latest family gossip (and believe me there is ALWAYS something scandalous going on, esp. with her nieces and nephews) and reminisce about the past. I just sit there and nod and laugh to myself. Maybe that's why she likes me best? LOL, of course I'm joking...

Isn't the world lovely? For some reason I woke up laughing this morning and that always makes the day better, though I do wish I could remember what I was dreaming about. Must have been particularly stupid to make me laugh like that.
And Mum's garden is gorgeous. Went outside to get the cat in and ended up walking around just admiring the roses, etc. And Chaco was totally cute earlier - Dork was teasing/chasing him with a remote controlled car and Chaco was deathly afraid of it (his ears were up all pointy, like when he's alert). Jumped on the couch into my lap and wouldn't get down. Looked at me with his sad, brown puppy eyes as if to say, "Well, sorry to impose but that thing down there is evil and I am so very cute. Don't let it eat me darling?"
                  Have a beautiful afternoon, won't you?
(Another thing: Why does everyone call it a tarp but no one tell you the long version is tarpaulin? To think I never knew... learn something new everyday, no?)

All this and heaven too. -Matthew Henry

20 July 2004

Friends are very nice. So are little brothers...

Dude. I feel so... what's it called? Not sad, per se, more like...Oh! On the happy scale, from happiest ever (10) to most bummed out ever (0), I'm at about 3.75. Which sucks but is just below normal happy. Or something like that...

I totally miss all my friends really bad right now. The Jury will note that Evidence is as follows:
1. Had a phone call from Miss Julie, a HS classmate and my roomate at OU last year. Only got to talk for a minute and so had to put all the good gossip on hold for later (who knows when that will be?).
2. I just talked to AK, one of my closest friends from HS, today. Hadn't talked to him in forever. Was reminded that I need to go visit his 'new' apartment which isn't so new anymore since he's lived there like 6 months.
3. Just read a lovely email from Julia Louise, college friend and soon-to-be roomate, about our apartment next year and her summer.
4. Then read Julia's blog and 'heard' all the junk I hadn't heard about since we've been out of school.
5. Miss Moffie's blog was next. (She's a GS sister and great friend. Julia's roomate last year.) Read of her adventures too. Reminded me of the awesome BBQ she had in June whereat I met some of her HS friends but we mostly played Trivial Pursuit...
6. IM'ed with FiSH last night. (Another close friend from HS) Found out his dog had puppies and that they're still working on the tiling in his parent's new house.
7. I mentioned the worst in my last post... Dawn's moving.
8. TP called the other day before he left for Alabama (I think Alabama, at least).

There are 8 great reasons for me missing everyone. Bluh.
(If I mentioned you here, you're in my thoughts and making me smile. If I didn't mention you it's just because I'm crazy and probably brain-dead at least half the time.)
Anyway, got a ton done today. Work meeting, errands run - Library, bank, and Tooter's, laundry, dishes, weeding, washed bedding... that's all thus far. 
Oh! And played with Dork. He's such a hoot. Well, that and totally weird. He was running around the house, being the dork he is, when Mum got home. Then he got worse. Put his shirt over his head and did a Beavis and Butthead/Corn-hole-eo (sp?) impression. So, of course, I had to tackle him and beat up on him a little as the dog barked at us like a manaic. I got to laughing so hard that he got away and continued his impression. So I had to chase him around the pool table. Anyway... good times.
One can never speak enough of the virtues, the dangers, the power of shared laughter. -- Francoise Sagan


18 July 2004

Planning mischief

I should paint my room (maybe sky blue or faded red?). And get The Darkness CD. And walk Chaco to the park. And study for the PCAT (ugh). And organize my school stuff. And call some friends. And throw a party for no real reason. But I'm feeling like just talking about it. Just for now at least. Action needs a plan right?
Did happen to enjoy cousin's birthday party yesterday. I couldn't help it. Love my family. Haven't ever figured out if because or in spite of all their quirks. Probably a little of A and a little of B. That and I'm just like 'em. Go figure...
I just found out that my best friend is moving. On Friday. Sucks. (You do know that I'll miss you, you silly gal. Who else am I gonna act like a dork around?) 
Well, now that I'm all sad guess it's time to go actually do something. Tootles, ya'll!

You are the music while the music lasts. - T.S. Eliot

17 July 2004

My newest tattoo... and David Bowie.

I just got a tattoo.
Well, okay, not really. Just a fake one to freak my grandma out tonight. I also did the blue nails and eyeshadow just to be weird. With pink lip junk. I so match my grey shirt.
I get to go to a pre-teen's birthday party tonight. Pure, unadulterated fun anticipated.
She, my cousin Nicole, just got her ears pierced so it is expected she'll be getting a million earrings. I just don't know how I'll contain myself through all that. Maybe I'll just eat a ton of cake and ice cream. And play with her sheltie dog Sir Baxter Black. Muahahahahahahaaaa....
Okay, time to go.
You go listen to David Bowie's China Girl. It's a hoot. All his stuff is. And he is strangely hott. Why is that? He's old and weird but still hott. Totally insane how that works.

A good many dramatic situations begin with screaming. - Barbarella

16 July 2004

strange dreams

Nice day. Worked. Then did housework stuff. Now listening to dinner cooking. Mum, Dad, and Dork are joking around in the kitchen just behind me. It's nice to be home. Compared to work home is like heaven.

For some strange reason, I kept having weird dreams last night. Started off with me talking to Dawn about going to see a movie. Then we drove in a green van (neither of us owns a van, muchless a green one) to the theater. But as soon as we get there she disappears and her brothers show up. Her younger bro asks to borrow $8 and her older brother wants to know if I have extra forks in my purse(?).  We go watch some documentary about the ocean and magenta(?). Then their mom comes and talks to me about how great her boys are, which is not something that I see their mom doing since she never talks to me about anything other than niceties anyway. Dawn shows back up to tell me her brother really didn't need $6. That confused me.

Other dreams included a fruitless search with my Chaco for a cheap backpack at Walmart, something I don't think I've even done since I got out of grade school. Not that there's anything wrong with that but I just haven't. Have had the same saddlebag type of bookbag for the last 4 years. Before that... I can't remember. Anyway, it was strange. Random people kept coming up to me and telling me I was going the wrong way to find light bulbs. Go figure.

Anyway, that's enough of a sample to let you see how confused I might be upon awaking this morning (to my cat jumping on my head. Evil cat.) Anyhow, time for dinner now...

A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for. - John A. Shedd

15 July 2004

Bonfire, horoscopes

Went to a bonfire late last night out in the country at TP's, one of my buddies from HS. He just got the cutest little kitten ever. And not many of our mutual friends were there so I played with the kitty and talked to a bunch of people I don't know. Mostly about all the trouble they get in (one time this dude accidentally set his car on fire with lighter fluid trying to impress a girl by writing her name on the ground - the idea was to light it and it would look cool. She wasn't impressed and his car was ever after a POS.) Sadly, I never did anything too bad so I was only able to laugh appreciatively at their stupid ideas-turned-into-actions. Good times. At least it was gorgeous outside.

I've been thinking lately about Horoscopes. I know I don't take them seriously but they are kinda funny to read. Here are the three I've perused for today's Tauruses:
#1. In the morning someone shifts the blame to me. I ought to stop and regroup. Don't put up with unfair play. Say as little as possible. This afternoon should be more reasonable. Late evening I should "tune up priorities" whatever that means.
#2. "Day for sweet conversations, kind connections, and people who really care about you." I have nothing to prove so should be very open and honest. I should be there for my friends in my gentle way and they'll benefit from my presence.
#3. The moon will help me get back in touch with friends. Some earthshaking news will surprise me.
Is there ever a day when putting up with unfair play is a good idea or that speaking much helps much? I would hope my friends would benefit from my being there? Can hardly wait for the earthshaking to start. Anyway, bunch of rubbish. On to real life!
The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think. - Horace Walpole

14 July 2004

It's been a beautiful day...

Even though I had to work this morning this has been a wonderful day. Hope yours was just as great. Many sunshine smiles to ya!
(This is going to be a short post since I want to get outside and enjoy the beauty. Mum's garden is looking absolutely gorgeous. Most of the roses are blooming and Dad just cut the lawn today so it's a little piece of heaven out there. So this will be short.)
I made a delicious chocolate cake yesterday. I just know I'm going to end up being a matronly old lady since I love eating so much. But what I really enjoyed most about making that cake was whipping up the homemade icing. All that rich, chocolate, sugary goodness. Mixing that is the most fun since it turns all creamy and nice.
Well, that was my pointless ramble for now. Thanks for putting up with me!
What you see, my friend, is the result of a lifetime of chocolate. - Katharine Hepburn

13 July 2004

quote I forgot to post earlier

Anyone who isn't confused really doesn't understand the situation. -Edward R. Murrow

Long list of random things

I got this from Melissa so the bolded are the things that I have in common w/ her….
I’m bored. How bored are you??
1. Copy this whole list into your blog. 2. Bold the things that you have in common with me. 3. Whatever you don't bold, replace with things about you.

01. I do have a cell phone.
02. I have a cat and dog. Would like to have a ferret or chinchilla.
03. I can't play any instruments.
04. I like just about every kind of music out there.
05. I'm atracted to hard to get boys most of the time it seems.
06. I like to dance.
07. I love my Dad.
08. I've never been to Mexico City.
09. Volleyball is my favorite sport to watch.
10. I can't live without music.
11. I want to go to Venice someday.
12. I don't like working very much.
13. I love it when it’s raining.
14. I have brownish hair.
15. I’m probably crazy.
16. I want kids. Eventually.
17. I'm into volleyball.
18. I only have a couple horrible memories.
19. I don’t like to put labels on people or judging them before I really know them
20. I am a person.
21. I’m not currently in a steady relationship.
22. I have no problem finding shoes that fit
23. I love taking naps.
24. I hate girls who are fake.
25. I'd say I’m pretty normal.
26. I have weird dreams
27. I'm easily amused.
28. I dont wear glasses, usually contacts.
29. I'm planning on going to a ZZTop concert in August.
30. I shower every day.
31. Small spaces don’t bother me.
32. I hardly ever cry, unless I'm laughing too.
33. I don’t like being late.
34. I procrastinate.
35. I love cold weather.
36. I dislike conceited people.
37. I love to sleep.
38. I’m a pre-pharmacy major.
39. I've been on a plane
40. My pet peeve is people who speak a different language in front of those who don’t speak that language
41. I’m in the library at least once a week.
42. I don’t like getting jewelry from boys (don’t try to buy my love!!)
43. I'm in like. With lots of guys. lol
44. I've seen both oceans on US sides.
45. I have had the chicken pox.
46. The future doesn’t scare me.
47. I like it when guys dress up sometimes.
48. I live in Norman.
49. I sing along with the radio.
50. I know what ‘tossing someone’s salad’ means.
51. I don't really have a least favorite holiday.
52. I'm not always right. Wait. Yes I am.
53. I'm clumsy.
54. I dance in my room
55. I don't have any Indian blood in me. or at least not enough to count.
56. I hate guys that only want one thing.
57. I state the obvious.
58. I don’t like the Ashlee Simpson show.
59. I do like the Newlyweds.
60. I have lots of nicknames
61. I can’t name bands worth crap.
62. I’ve never been in love.
63. I haven't slept with a stuffed animal since I was in Kindergarten.
64. I wonder what will happen.
65. I'm landlocked for the moment
66. I want to go to New York. But just for a visit.
67. I don't like to study for tests. Who does?
68. I go to church off and on. Have strong faith anyway.
69. I have a hard time forgiving myself.
70. I have selective hearing.
71. I graduated high school in 2003.
72. I’m online pretty often.
73. I believe lots of people are "good", whatever that means.
74. I love being kissed
75. My favorite color is blue. Red is strong 2nd.
76. I don't like to type.
77. I have blue eyes.
78. I haven’t had sex in an elevator.
79. I live in Oklahoma.
80. Stupid people annoy me.
81. I'd rather be hot than cold
82. I don’t like to wear shorts
83. I could be content by myself for long periods of time.
84. I don't think anyone is how they seem.
85. I love my family.
86. I'm a fairly straight forward person.
87. I'm a computer hog.
88. I have always wanted to finish college before getting married.
89. I hate the feeling of failure.
90. I am still a virgin.
91. I love hanging out with guys.
92. I think skiing and snowboarding are totally fun.
93. I still act like a little kid sometimes.
94. I don't need help in chemistry.
95. I like to cuddle.
96. I have a desktop
97. I don't know exactly what I want to do in life.
98. I’m not really afraid of death
99. Old people crack me up.
100. I hate the feeling of hurting someone.
101. I love giving people stupid gifts
102. I like staying up past 5am on the weekends
103. I sing in the shower
104. I’m short
105. I love guys who are artistic
106. I’ve never dated anyone of a really different race.
107. My best friend's baby is my goddaughter.
108. I'm glad I'm gonna have 2 roommates next year!
109. I’m a neat freak.
110. I love music
111. I enjoy hanging out w/ my friends
112. Most of my friends are boys
113. I think Easter egg-hunting is stupid…where did the egg-laying bunny come from how the hell is that the story of Jesus?
114. I don’t like stupid people who think they’re smart. Ironic, huh?
115. I like boys who are smarter than me especially if they think they're not.
116. I think I would like living in co-ed dorms
117. I had a wonderful childhood Almost perfect.
118. I’m daddy’s little girl
119. I’m the oldest
120. I’ve never lived in another country
121. I’ve never lived in Texas, thank goodness.
122. Speech class was a great part of my HS life.
123. Not many people describe me as quiet after they get to know me.
124. I want all of my brain cells back.
125. If I get married I don't know if I’d like to keep my last name.
126. I’m not bilingual, unless you count bad English.
127. I’m not lactose intolerant
128. I should exercise more often
129. Blood doesn’t gross me out
130. I don't think I’m overweight but wouldn't mind losing a few pounds.
131. I’ve been accused of something I didn’t do
132. I am hungry
133. I speed when I drive
134. I hate being hurt
135. I rarely drink coffee
136. My favorite food is Italian
137. I wish I played volleyball for OU.
139. I think highly of my sibling
140. I get along with most people
141. I never had to study in high school
142. I don't think I've changed much since I graduated HS
143. I’m a Taurus.
144. I hate talking on the phone
145. I don't want to transfer schools, love OU.
146. I went to 2 proms.
147. Andi was my favorite Prom date.
148. I hated my Junior Prom.
149. I always wanted to own a pony
150. Taking pictures is fun and so is getting pictures taken
151. I eat healthy foods quite often
152. Mosquitoes adore me
153. I’m not intimidated by black boys
154. I put up walls to hide my feelings too often
155. I don’t mind cleaning
156. I was born in Hawaii.
157. I want to go skydiving
158. I want to bungee jump
159. My favorite animals are felines in general
160. I like to go barefoot
161. I’d rather have quality than quantity
162. High School drama makes me sick
163. I always wanted to play the guitar
164. I hate shopping
165. I love cute shoes.
166. I’ve watched the movie Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail a million times
167. I have no sense of direction
168. Chocolate is my best-friend
169. I don't want lots of piercings
170. I'm scared to get my hair cut.

11 July 2004

Gorgeous Goddaughter and My People

Secret Window was pretty good. Not quite what I expected from Stephen King but wonderful nonetheless. Just FYI.

My Goddaughter came over yesterday with my best friend. She is about 8 months old and oh-so-cute. She just got her first 2 teeth in and she's getting so big. Just the cutest little one in the world.
Now would probably be a good time to mention the folks I might talk about here:
Mum and Dad are self-explanitory.
Chaco is my sheltie dog, about 4 years old.
Dork is my brother, 15 1/2 years old and super smart.
KitKat is my cat, ancient, maybe 12 years old?
Dawn is my best friend, has been for over 4 years now.
Marie is her little girl, my goddaughter.
I think that's everyone so far. Enough for now at least, right?
Well, I need to get some sleep. 'Night!

And I am right, And you are right, And all is right as right can be. - Sir W. S. Gilbert

09 July 2004

Country music and my arranged marriage

Marc Cohn's Walking in Memphis is play as I type this. Nice song. It's on the radio or I never would have heard it since it sounds too much like country music for my mum to deal with. She totally dislikes country music which strikes me as odd since she grew up here in Oklahoma too. How did she miss the country music/redneck gene? I know I got it to the fullest. Garth Brooks, Tanya Tucker, Shania Twain, etc, play on my CD player and radio all the time. Guess Mum just doesn't know what she's missing.

Tonight I sat on the backporch with my lovely parents (and watched the mosquitos form battle formations against me) and we talked about the various random things we always talk about, of course. But. Then it got really funny. They were jokingly (but I sometimes wonder...) about arranging a mariage for me. Good luck Mum and Dad. Never gonna happen. But they were talking about how I should find a guy that's my mum's height (4'10"). Wouldn't that be funny? I'm not nearly that short (5'4") and it would be just absurd. Then they continued about how we wouldn't need ladders to get on the roof, I could just pitch him up there. (Where this thought came from I have no clue... they must watch too much tv?) Well, that led to how he'd get down, of course. And obviously he'd just roll down and bounce on the ground like a Weeble. See what I live with? They're slightly crazy. Good thing I never inherited that gene...
If there are no stupid questions then what kind of questions do stupid people ask? Do they get smart just in time to ask questions? - Scott Adams

08 July 2004

Pounds aren't meant for cute little creatures...

I'm totally in love with Dashboard Confessional's Vindicated. Played it at least a half-dozen times in the past hour. Good times
This isn't a new or unique thought but I really like pictures. Been looking through old family pictures lately and have realized anew that I enjoy them very much.
Now for something much more serious.
Yesterday I had to take a sweet little orange kitten to the pound. It followed Chaco, my sheltie dog, Mum, and me home from the park the night before. The most affectionate little animal I ever saw but I knew we couldn't keep it. My old cat is very territorial and would run away if we got another. So we had to get rid of the cute kitty. Our vet's office wouldn't take it (other than to put it to sleep, which would be just too cruel) so we had to condemn the poor sweetheart to the animal control pound. I felt like a murderer when they had me put it in the "cat room" which was full of other various felines, all of which looked scared and sick. The poor kitty felt safe with me and I went and delivered her straight to Hades on Earth. That place is so dirty and smelly, not to mention depressing beyond words. I almost started crying when we left. Even now I feel like a terrible person for doing that but what choice did I really have? No one I know wants or needs another cat (well, I want one but it isn't possible).
That's a rather sad note to end on but I have to stop here.
Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself, but talent instantly recognizes genius. -Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

06 July 2004

Good Night!

It's rather late, well not really, but I'm tired and had the sudden urge to say good night to no one in particular. Sure, I could have said good night to my dog but I do that anyway so it would be kinda redundant. Anyhoo... Good Night!
Another thought. How is it that so many people end up back in one's life? Like an endless cycle of losing touch with friends and then re-discovering them again. Maybe it's a small world like that exceedingly annoying song proclaims? Or is it some sort of magnetism? This is a truly perplexing question. I shall ponder it some more and get back to ya'll about it later, k?
To succeed in the world it is not enough to be stupid, you must also be well-mannered. -Voltaire

Evil clock, ice cream, 4th of July

My alarm clock is evil.
It has this "calming" noise function. With 3 settings. Crashing ocean waves, babbling brook with obnoxious birds, and swamp with frogs and owls. The evilness turns itself on in the middle of the night while I'm asleep. At least I think it turns itself on. Might be my cat acting on her evil plan to take over my life. Anyway, it's kinda scary to wake up in a dark room with waves crashing on top of your head. Or scary owl sounds just above ya. It's happened 4 times in the past week. Might just be time to get a new alarm...

Oooh! I had some awesome ice cream from the Marble Slab today. Yum. Double Dark Chocolate with pecans... oh, so good. (Reading this you would think my life revolved around ice cream. I'd like to think it doesn't...)
Fourth of July was a blast. Went out to the cabin, ate too many coneys, went out in the paddle boats with my cousins, and watched 3 seperate sets of fireworks. Really think it was the best Indendence Day I've ever had. Yea!
Generosity is giving more than you can and pride is taking less than you need. - Kahlil Gibran

03 July 2004

OCD and me

I didn't actually get to eat that gallon of ice cream. Now that I consider it, I really should have. Totally. To Hades with the evil bathroom scales; their lying days are numbered...
I rather think I am becoming more and more obsessive compulsive. (Please note I have not actually been diagnosed with OCD but am just very particular about some things.) The other day at Walmart, while shopping with my best friend, we briefly stopped at the gift bag/magazine aisle (I just noticed this but isn't aisle (when pronounced phonetically) a synonym of island. Huh... who'd have thought?). She and one of our classmates from HS got to talking and I was bored. Then I noticed how many of the various gift bags were scattered on the ground potentially blocking the flow of the aisle. Bothered me immensely. So much so that I had to pick them all up and hang them on their respective hooks. Then I was bothered by the mixing of card envelopes in a little bin near some cards. Would have fixed those but my friends were already poking fun at me for the bags.
Such is the way of things. Eh, oh well. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow and celebrating the Fourth of July. Should be a blast. Funny how fast the summer has flown by...

You grow up the day you have your first real laugh - at yourself. - Ethel Barrymore

02 July 2004

Rude, lame, driving dude and my wonderful humility...

Been a whole week. Yeah. I know. Bad me.
Does it make it any better that I'm writing now? Or that my internet was "broken" for 3 days this week? Because it was. But enough about me.
People are funny. Really. Even the rude ones on the highway on the way home. They are especially. Because they think they're so important whereas you and I know they really aren't such hotshots. Especially that groovy dude in the ancient wood-panel stationwagon that thinks he's so cool because he just passed a girl. Wow. Really. Wow. What a manly man. Makes me wish he would condescend to letting me touch his bumper.
But no. I'm fine with the status quo. Just don't ride my arse and then pass me looking smug about it when we both know I am way hotter than you are. Really. It isn't that hard. I'm just 25 years younger and a decent-looking girl with a nice truck, not a POS car. See? Easy. But hey, at least I'm humble about it right?
Yeah, thank goodness for humility, right? That and people much smarter or cuter than I am. They keep me in check most of the time. Otherwise my ego might just take over and overrun some small island-state. Hey!! How about sacrificing Rhode Island for me? Not like it's really an island or anything, right? Who would even notice the loss of such a sad misnomer? Okay, fine. I'll just return to being a regular gal... Please? Fine. Guess I'll just go pout for a while... maybe eat a gallon of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream by myself. Oh... yeah... That sounds good... yum...

"Fiat justitia; ruat coelum" (Let justice be done; though heaven fall ) -Latin Proverb