07 February 2007

"Do you know what you are getting yourself into?"

Ack! So busy! My test block starts tomorrow (which means a little over a week of tests) so I've been studying thus not updating like a good blogging person should. Also, taking on projects for everything... Yay for busy!
Check out this monthly archive of For Better or For Worse... their eyes blink!!! Totally caught me off guard!
Anyway, not much time since need to get back to studying drug cards (the top selling 200 drugs are fair game on tests this semester!) but just letting ya'll know I'm still alive and smilin'! Happy wishes for all and Merry February!



Blogger Julia adoringly said...

NSAIDs are my best friends. :D Anytime we talk about drugs in school I think of you...is that a bad thing? haha Hope all your tests go fantabulously...I am prepared to get my ass kicked by Pathology tomorrow.

4:01 PM  

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