19 February 2007

Happy weekend with Buffaloes and Bunnies

Had a lovely belated Valentines Day with Skronky this weekend. He got me a triumvirate of fuzzy bunnies to rule the top of my chest of drawers (also good for watching Youtube videos with, using to taunt the cat and puppy, and talking to when I think there might be someone around so that talking to myself isn't a good idea....). Yay for stuffed bunnies of Valentine's love! (By the way, we traveled all over, including Buffalo Wild Wings, Cao Nguyen Asian Market, his sister April's to see her adorable son Sebastian, and PetSmart to look at water plants. Woo!)
Took that "easy" test this morning... Ended up with a low score, of course, since I bragged about how simple it would be. Huge point spread between that score and the one I achieved in biopharmaceutics (math) from last Monday where I racked up a 91%! The joys of grad school never end, do they? (Most of my classmates spend the day gripping about how horrid today's test was before we even knew our personal scores, that's how bad it was. The 50 most random questions you can pull out of 2 chapters equaling 110 pages or so of a dry textbook...)
I've been busy the last couple of evenings working on a slideshow to take to KY Province this next weekend... Who knew a few pictures would take so much time??

Quick story: So someone I know has a very old Lumina van that s/he enjoys filling with various garage sale finds, antiques, current projects that need hauling around, etc. Well, very recently someone, ie not the owner, tried to break into said van by prying away the passenger-side window to try to unlock it with a stick or something (we're assuming here) to get into the van to steal "treasures". This sounds like a sad, thievery story, huh? Well, the joke is on the would-be thief since this particular van's passenger-side door has been broke since roughly 1997 and it has since refused to open via the outside handle! What was merely an annoyance to the owner became the confounding point for a thief who didn't try any harder than that to get into the vehicle, giving up after that devilish door's victory over mankind was once again confirmed. So yay for lazy thieves and tricky doors! The world is a safer place for garage sale treasures...

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