24 March 2007

Break update

Spring Break is quickly retreating into memory, even thought it lasts until Monday... I didn't do even half the studying I told myself I would. I did more shopping, more housework, and more sewing than I had planned, which I'm sure is a good thing, right? Spent time with family and friends. I'd have to say that even though this break has been short, it's been good.
The fact that school paranoia is back already is my own fault for not being more disciplined.
As before mentioned, I've done some sewing this break. Result: a finished t-shirt material circle skirt for me (shades of blue with white underskirt), a similar but unfinished circle skirt for Mum (in orange, yellow, and green! with white underskirt; still needs pockets, waist, and zipper), and two bunnies for Easter (one blue and one green, currently in mind for Marie and Skronky's nephew). I've been feeling crafty lately so it's good to get some of this out of my system before school starts back up and I have to make myself study. OH! And I've gotten some etching cream to try on glass things... very fun! I did two glasses at Skronky's house as well as a glass frame here at home! Woo!!! (There are a couple of pictures of the glasses on my photobucket if you're interested in tracking them down...)
Okay, enough of my procrastination... Back to studying stats! Love and happy thoughts to all; Hope this weekend treats you well!

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