06 July 2006

Eighties stuck in my crimped hair

Totally in an Eighties mood... thus alternating between Modern English's Melt With You and Berlin's Take My Breath Away in my head... both so good...
Dinner tonight was leftovers night. I like leftovers night; Something about the fridge being a little cleaner when we're done makes my heart happy I guess. The only thing truly leftover now is a single piece of pizza from yesterday... We'll see how long it lasts. My bet is tomorrow morning.
OOOOO!!! What's that song where the video is a girl in a diner reading a comic and then the guy in the comic starts winking at her, etc, etc, they end up together in the "real world" after he breaks out of the comic book???? Man, that's going to bother me... Anyway, I love that video. So fantastic and fairytale-like that it's just wonderful. Plus I remember it from when I was younger and I thought it was just sooo neat then too. (okay, I had to know so I looked it up... A-Ha's Take On Me, which happens to be from the same director as the video for Don't You Want Me by Human League which I had stuck in my head earlier!!! Wow, that's crazy. (Also, aren't I really talented at search engines? I amaze and astound myself! Woo!))
I was in a blah mood earlier this evening. (Sorry Mum and thanks for putting up with me) I don't know why I let myself get like that, I have nothing to be down about. Life is wonderful and I'm very blessed. I suppose I'm just being human again (**shudders** haha).
Got my teeth cleaned and x-rayed this morning. Proud to report I don't have any cavities or other dental maladies. For some reason the dentist and dental hygenist always seem surprised when I don't have any problems even though I never have had any big issues, really, even since I was a kid. Of course I had to have my wisdom teeth out in HS and braces before that but both of those were almost purely for looks and just minorly for comfort not because I desperately needed them. Oh well, maybe they're just trying to be nice since they can probably guess that I try to eat my weight in chocolate each week, especially if there isn't a Food Network challenge on to watch in the evenings.
Oh! I saw that movie, Must Love Dogs, tonight at home. Soooooo goood! If you haven't seen it I totally recommend it to you!
Well, off to bed since work in the morn. Love to all and to all a good night!


Anonymous Skreattle adoringly said...

So you like chocolate eh? Noted

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