26 July 2006


Just finished an Anne Rice book. Pretty good. Surprisingly mostly about a ghost with vamps as a side thing.
My computer may die any day now. It's making horrid sounds that could be interpreted as its swan song. Who knows?
I hate it when I'm wearing two shades of black and they don't match. Drives me nuts.
Saw a shirt at the mall today that said, "Rehab is for quitters." Mum thought it was witty and funny. I have to agree, no matter how ironic it is to make fun of people trying to get on the straight and narrow (btw what does that mean? I mean, where did that phrase come from??) During this same mall trip Dork looked in at a shop that had suits and tuxes to inquire if they had any pink ones. They didn't have any in stock but could order... Foreshadowing anyone? Just watch out at prom time next year... My little bro will be unmistakable if he has his way about it. This is what comes of letting impressionable young men listen to Relient K songs about the 1980's...
Love to all and see you soon!


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