11 May 2006

That's It. We're over, Finals Week. You're just not good enough for me

Finals are finished for me!!! Yay! I just took my last final in my last class at the University of Oklahoma in Norman!!!! WOOO!!! AND it did not, I repeat NOT, kick my butt and leave me crying on the floor!!! In a rematch with genetics tests from Hades I held my own and possibly even did pretty decently!! Aren't you so happy for and proud of me???? (Have to toot my own horn since not too many other people seem to have horns out this morning here... In fact the rest of the house is asleep... hm... I bet my *horn* could fix that... And there. I just took it too far! YES!)
So I'm running on about two hours of sleep and actually feel pretty good. It's sick how pleasant and nice I'm feeling. I should feel like this all the time but no, I'm wasting it on time in which I'm fixin'ta take a nap. (Oh my public speaking teacher would have a hissy fit if he ever saw the atrocities I inflict on the grammar of our language)
Darn, I thought of something to tell ya all on here yesterday, but trying to be a good kid I kept away and tried to focus on studying thus ending all hope of me remembering whatever the wonderful post I was going to post was.
Julia and I got some press-on earring sticker things at the store yesterday because they looked fun and reminded us of how cheesy, I mean COOL we were as kids by putting them not just on our ears but also... At the corners of our eyes!!! Yes, I grew up in and mostly remember the '90's and all the glory therein. So yeah, we were awesome. And we'll open that pack of press-ons just as soon as Julia wakes up. That's a promise and a threat for those of you keeping score.
Oh! I haven't written since Monday!!! My birthday went pretty well... Botany final was pretty easy; I think I ended the class with either an A or B. Went home and took a nap. Studied some. Watched Casablanca. Didn't go barhopping but did manage to go to the place down the street that many of you would call a liquor store to get some amaretto. Julia, Mel L, and Lindsay joined me in experiencing flaming Dr. Peppers, which are really not too bad. That's all I had on my birthday as far as alcohol goes so I guess I'm just not being the craziest 21 year old I can be... I haven't had anything else since then either, how funny is that??? Good old finals week...
Speech final was pretty easy. Stayed up way too last Tuesday night for various reasons, among them enjoying other people's pictures on photobucket and helping Jenna with studying stuff. Been a decent finals week thus far. Well, and really it's ended for me this morning, thank goodness. The Committee For Making Life Suck tried their hardest but I've actually had a great week, all things considered (it cracks me up when they say that on NPR.) Hope everyone else out there in internet land is doing well too. Love and good wishes for a great weekend!


Anonymous Skronky adoringly said...

I saw the The Committee For Making Life Suck the other day at the Walmarts. They were buying kitty litter. Can you believe that? The Committee For Making Life Suck has a kitty(s)? When they weren't looking I tore a tiny hole in the bottom of the kitty litter bag. I bet by the time they got it home their backseat was full of little gray rocks!

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