28 April 2006

TATA enhancer promoter issues

Yuck. I'm so glad this week is over. Not that it was bad but... well, not my best work I must admit. Wednesday was insanely busy. Messed around with some bouldering in climbing class in between just talking to my classmates. Took another key out test in botany (but thankfully I had 2 of the plants in my collection and had keyed them out already. The 3rd was a rose and totally easy to do. The fourth I could put in a family instantly but wasn't sure on genus so it took a tad bit of work). I only have a little left to finish on my collection and it'll be ready to hand in on Monday! Thursday saw me giving my persuasive speech... the most I'll say about that was I think I did alright and that I'm glad it's over. There's no way I'm going to be picked to speak at the speech contest but I think you and I both know I don't really want to compete there anyway so I'm okay with mediocrity.
Went to try to find the perfect wedding gift for Mel & Adam but ran into a few problems... will be trying again tonight or tomorrow. It's so difficult to pick just what to get since I want it to be something they want, need, and will use but also something I think is cute, classy, and worth while. So basically I should just get them a sheltie puppy right? Hahaha...
Genetics test this morning was horrid. I thought going into the test that I was on pretty stable ground and mostly knew what was going on but I suppose I just deceived myself. I think I actually just barely passed that test which is quite the opposite end of the spectrum from the last test on which I made an A. Let's have a round of applause for inconsistancy!!! (oh and the title for this post is genetics-speak)
Mum's been bugging me for a list of things I'd like for my birthday and I'm at quite a loss for what to say... Any suggestions??? It'll be my 21st so I'm sure there'll be something alcoholic around but other than that I have few original ideas yet asking for socks and candles seems a tad pathetic. I guess I'll have a brainstorm or something. (I really hated it when our Mock Trial sponsor in HS made us use the big sheets of paper to brainstorm about topics and questions. It really ticked me off but I couldn't tell you why since it seems like a logical thing to do and I'm typically all for the logical things in life . To this day when I see a bubble chart thing it makes me shudder and I get irked.)
Oh, more randomness! Dork and his prom date are both wearing white. Completely white. Funny, huh? But I bet they'll look cute so if it makes them happy and gives me something to laugh about then it's all good. Well, and I better be allowed to take all the pictures my little heart desires. I hope and pray that his Junior prom leaves him with happier memories than mine gave me.
Made up a bouquet of roses, honeysuckle, and a white flowering bush from our yard this morning and can already smell the honeysuckle all through the livingroom. Yay! I love spring!
Happy weekend everyone!


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