14 April 2006

PreEaster posting

My mind is rather jumbled today... I'm excited about lots of things right now and I can't even remember all of them!!! WOOOO!!!
Thursday went well, especially since I didn't have any classes. Rock on! Work was boring and I wasn't really needed, which left me to keep dozing off and waking up a couple of times until I decided to stand up and try to remember how to do the cha-cha. My patient was asleep most of the time so I doubt he caught me at it. Fun times. When I got home the Beta boys were having a line-night at our house so of course we, Julia, Jenna, and I, ended up driving them back to the Beta house so they wouldn't drive themselves. The only problem with that was since Julia and I left before Jen's group we didn't know that she ended up NOT driving her car afterall (which is what they had been planning on doing at the time we left)... So we got stuck at the House, which is more than 5 blocks from our house, and it's past midnight. Thank goodness for friends who answer their phones that late!!!!!! We owe ya!
Urgh... Genetics is getting confusing again. I made a 96% on my last test in there but am back to being a little lost. YAY! Good thing this stuff is the easier side of genetics and not even the crazy research stuff or I'd be a goner for sure.
Oh, I said I would post a pic of something like Mel's dress, well, I'm lazy so I'll refer you to the link to her page (Mel V) on the left-hand sidebar here so you can go look at her dress! YAY!!!
In other news, I'm back with Skronky. That's right, he's stuck putting up with my insanity for a while longer if he can stand it.
Happy Easter ya'll! I'm heading home to see the family and may or may not post this weekend... depends on if I take some pictures that NEED posting...


Anonymous Skronky adoringly said...

SWEET! Oh happy day!

10:52 PM  
Anonymous Skronkry adoringly said...

gosh dangit once again I forgot how to post a picture!

10:52 PM  

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