28 March 2006

Tuesday's Neatness!

Truck is all better and back in the driveway!!! YAY! Thanks to my wonderful Daddy and Dork who brought it back to me and took me out to dinner tonight!!!!!! Ya'll are wonderful! This week is shaping up better than last week was by this point. Thank goodness (but then is it tempting fate by saying I don't know what else could happen to make this week worse collectively than last week was?) Talked to Dawn earlier this evening. I don't know if it's because I've pretty much not ever talked about the semi-bad to bad things in my world (opting instead to be happy and a good listener for her) or because she just wants something new to worry about but apparently she was really anxious to make sure I'm doing better now. (I also had a cold last week that made my voice sound much deeper than normal. Well, when I could actually talk at all that is...) Marie and Dawn are doing okay. Wish I had more time to get to visit and hang out like we used to but of course being "an adult" means I'm supposed to be responsible and turns out it isn't responsible to skip classes or call in sick for work when there is no reason to (neither of which I've done, of course). But I did forget to turn in my schedule last week and I just got called out on that one after I emailed it in to work today... I feel bad about it but there isn't much I can do to make up for it, is there? Nope. Sometimes I wonder if I talk so much just so I don't have to sit in silence with people.... I don't mind time by myself but am I just so weird that I don't want quiet when I'm with others??? This new little obsessive thought is brought to you today by the letter "N" which of course you would recognize from such words as *narcissistic*, *neurotic*, and *nerdy*. And now I need to get back to pretending to study for Genetics...


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