24 March 2006

Moved from xanga

Life happens. Shit happens. And I know what I did was right. Can someone send a memo to the demon in charge of punishing me and let him/her know that I did do the right thing so making it hurt like this isn't fair? I'd appreciate it.Everyone is going psycho this week. Me included. First there was my Tuesday night, then my Wednesday all freaking day... and into the night of course. Thursday was better by comparison even though I had to work. I got my letter of acceptance to pharm school Thursday night. And went home to celebrate with my wonderful roomates. Friday was/has been kinda rough. Bad news from Jenna and communication from my best friend's sister, who I thought hated me with the flame of a thousand fires, kept me confused. Being home for a short time makes it a little better since Mum helps keep me grounded but I also feel like I'm taking it out on my family a little by accident. Being bubby happy Misty takes effort and when I'm too worn out playing the game sometimes I don't act as bubby happy as others think I should... So obviously I'm mad at them, since it's all about them. If only it was that simple, right? Anyway, so I'm terribly inspiring right now... Sorry. Love you guys and wish you a wonderful weekend!


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