20 March 2006

bunk shoved together into a beautiful statue

Ideas for my informative speech: wall climbing; importance of immunizations; signs preceding suicide; Art/history of tattoos; building a quilt; planning a watergarden... Obviously I'm having trouble thinking of a good topic for this. Help me if you can think of anything better?
Here's some of that rambling from yesterday...
Is this the best I can do? Is giving up old dreams for the best that I can get now worth it. Can two people really be happy together forever? Or are the ones who are just flukes? How is it that I can combine science and religion in my mind well enough to deal with issues but some can't? Is it a lack of education on their part or naivety on my own? How to merge or contrast ethics with morality, since I know they're not the same thing? When dealing with absolutes how can anyone know what's the truth and what's just opinion or perception? Senseless killing is just that; senseless. So why does it still happen? Sometimes I heartlessly wonder what the world would be like if natural selection were reintroduced to our human society and maintained. Would we be so tech-savvy and brave about trying new things? Or would the "weak" be killed off leaving a stronger gene pool to draw from and better the species as a whole? Not that such a thing should or would be done but it makes me wonder.
There. See? I am crazy. Adios for now... Off to practice speech some more.


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