08 March 2006

CMLS has failed, I repeat, CMLS has failed

Despite The Committee for Making Life Suck (CMLS of course) having done their hardest to make the last 3 or 4 days absolutely horrible for me, I HAVE SURVIVED!!!!! And I'm proud to say I'm even having a good time doing it. Granted, if you had asked me last night I wouldn't have been so peppy and optimistic but, hey, life goes on and gets better. Woohooo!
I miss home a lot right now. Very glad that break is almost here! I know that right now I want nothing more than to sleep a lot but when break does arrive I'm probably going to be the first to be pacing around looking for some thing to dooooooooo....
And I need to start working out again. Hard to get worked into a study schedule during midterm week... urgh. I'm going to miss wall climbing next week. I just belayed a bunch this morning because I knew since I hadn't had much sleep that my body wouldn't love me for so much physical exertion since I'm still shooting for one of the medium routes. We had a quiz in there and I totally aced it! Woo! Well, in pass/fail classes it's harder to feel good about passing since it's so easy but it was still a bit of an ego boost, which I needed this morning. YAY!
And now for some dinner, maybe vegging out on the couch and a nap or bed early...


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