22 February 2006

Beautiful Weather

I am LOVING the current weather. Cool and misty, always a favorite of mine.
Attempted a medium in wall climbing this morning and couldn't make it more than a couple of feet off the ground on the route. And this time I really can blame it on height because I just can't reach the darn handhold that I NEED to get any further. I'll try it again Monday and see if I can find another way to do it that actually works. There's always a way, I'm just too inexperienced to see it sometimes.
Slow day yesterday. Good day but slow. It's funny how different it was from how today will be... no classes vs. four classes and a lab... sleeping in until around nine vs. waking up at 7:30 and still running a little late... working out to a pilates video vs. climbing a freakin' wall until I'm sore... doing laundry vs. planning out homework (though actually I did some of that yesterday too). Good to have variety to spice up life, huh?
I think the pasta stuff Julia and I made Sunday night is making me sick. Of course we had leftovers and I enjoy leftovers, usually, but this time they haven't been kind to me. Which is sad because the stuff we made is delicious even reheated. Oh well... grin and bear it and eat like a hoss.
Any traveling prayers for my mum and Mike, respectively, would be appreciated. I miss my mum... I know I'm here at college and only see her every couple of weeks or so but knowing that I can't just drive an hour and see her right now if I want to makes me miss her more. Love you Mum!
Happy Wednesday to everyone!!!


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