09 February 2006

Dream, nostalgia, and technology

Woke up this morning so confused.
I'd just been having a really strange dream; I was somewhere with 2 guys I knew in HS (we were pretty close friends but nothing else) and one of them, Case, was trying to convince me to go on a (pity) date with the other guy (who really didn't talk that much which would be strange for him in real life) even though I kept protesting that I already had a boyfriend. He just continued pushing it... I woke up before I answered but it really freaked me out because Case looked completely different than he does in real life. He looked like I think he should in real life but doesn't, if that makes any sense.
(You know, when you know someone well enough that ya sort of forget what they look like in general and start to "see" the person you know inside them so that when someone comments on that friend's appearance you don't really know what they're talking about until you really think about it since you don't see that side/part of them. For me this seems to go away after a couple of years or so since, apparently, I can see Case as he really does look now.)
Anyway, I woke up confused because of that but also because of the feeling of nostalgia for that time in my life that we were still close friends. Even though I wouldn't want life to still be like that point in my life I missed it SO much right then. (I'll admit how cheesy I am since my eyes even got a little misty thinking about it)
Moving on to other thoughts...
In psych class (where there are, at last count, at least four village idiots plotting to take over the world with their newfound knowledge) a couple of weeks back we discussed how some of the people in older generations right now are "scared" of technology and avoid it, whereas my generation and the other younger ones seek it out and revel in it. It makes me wonder if this love of technology (of the sort that's newest now) will always be something my generation embraces since we've been so influenced by it from infancy. I don't actually remember not having at least 2 computers in our house, ever. I know that might not be totally normal and you probably think I'm just being short-sighted but it's true. I was playing on the computer as soon as I was old enough to be able to read. But I digress. Will my generation always love the new or will we get so overwhelmed by it that we turn into neohippies and reject all this superfluous materialistic crap? It's really something that I've been turning over in my head for a while now and I still haven't reached any sort of conclusion or pivotal thought.
Hmmm I think that's all I'm spilling right now... Happy Thursday!


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