23 January 2006

Lovely 291

This is my 291st post on here. Crazy, huh?
It is soooo hard to not say mean things to people who very much deserve all I can dish (and you know I can dish it with the best of them). Effers.
Wall Climbing this morning was great. I'm now belay certified. Woohoo!
On a lesser note, I can't find a USB port to plug my flash drive in on this computer in the lab and it's making me sad... I went into the Business College's huge lab and saw a note on the board that says that particular compy lab is just for graduate students... But there was absolutely no one else in there!!! I should have stayed and done my stuff in there but I'm trying to follow rules sometimes so... They suck. Grrrr.
I have to give a speech tomorrow in Public Speaking. And I'm first on the list. (big sigh) I don't want to go practice with the teacher this afternoon but I also don't know exactly what he's looking for in this speech so it would be to my benefit to go see him. Urgh. I'm honestly not scared of giving a speech, just having it graded harshly... I welcome constructive criticism, of course... Let's just all try our hardest and still get A's at the end, how's that sound??? I think I'm going to post my speech on here when I get the chance...
Have a great day everyone!!!!!

***edit*** Here's my intro speech for class... I haven't timed it so I suppose there could still be a few cuts but overall it should sound like this:

Good morning! My name is ----- and I am from ----. Currently in my third year at the University Oklahoma, it is easy for me to see how much the college lifestyle has changed me since my humble beginning as a shy high school senior. College is a time of growth and learning, both inside the classroom and out. Being on my own for the first time opened many doors to me, with each new experience over these three years affecting my character, for better or worse.

Let’s begin with my freshman year, which brought with it a whole new way of life, “The Dorms”. Sharing my room with a stranger was something new as were a Burger King just downstairs and my parents always at least an hour away. Absent were the friends I had shared my life with since kindergarten and I was no longer strapped to the persona I had acquired in high school. Replacing both would be a tall order but well worth the effort. Classes were easy so I focused my energies on having fun making new friends, working hard to pay rent, and at not feeling homesick too often.

Then, after a summer at home, my sophomore year saw me moving with two new roommates into a tiny apartment. I rode my bike to campus daily where I struggled through organic chemistry, physics, and microbiology. Such a struggle was new to me since high school had been a breeze. Ballroom dance class kept me on my toes and waltzing through four lab reports each week challenged both my mind and my sanity. An ever-widening circle of friends, endless nights with my roommates learning to cook in our little kitchen, and random treks to Starbuck’s made life that much sweeter.

Finally, another summer back home, plus a rejection letter from Pharmacy College, ushered me into my junior year at OU. I found myself living in a lovely house near campus with two new roommates, as well as one from the previous year. My two new house sisters quickly opened my eyes to the thriving social scene and the joys of the Friday morning hangover. Among my new college friends I became especially close to one and have been seeing him for about seven months now. Progressively harder classes challenged me mentally while Pilates and wall climbing classes challenged me physically. Enjoying the local music crowd, cheering from the bleachers for Sooner sports teams, and visiting with friends increasingly divided my attentions between study and play, more so than ever before.

All of these experiences combine to infuse me with new ideas and broaden my once limited, small town views on life. Here, like nowhere else, has been the opportunity to meet a much more diverse collection of people than I ever would have found in my hometown and among them I have made close friends I plan to keep well into the future. Less worried about grades and rules, I have become, instead, more firm in my faith, both religious and in my fellow man. Courses have taught me more than what is printed in the overpriced textbooks, namely, how to connect with my classmates beyond those awkward first day ice breakers and that effective time management can save one’s sanity. I am thankful for everyday of this life and all I have experienced. Looking forward to the future, I can only hope it is going to be as wonderful.Yay! That's it! Let me know if you have any constructive criticism, especially before Tueday at 9am!!!!! Thanks!


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Looks good! Very positive, not too revealing.....love you!...Bob

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