27 December 2005

Good Morning

Beautiful sunrise this morning reflected back to me in the rearview mirror on my jaunt home from a double at work.
Finished Lonesome Dove. (The book, not the miniseries that everyone keeps telling me, in condescending tones, was wonderful. No. This is a big-arse book. We're talking in the 6-7 hundred pages range. Not an effing miniseries you happened to tape on VHS in the late 1980's. So quit it with the condescention you who haven't ever picked up a book that big other than the telephone book.) Decent but I know I'll never read it again. Anyone in need of a book to read let me know.
And now I bid thee adieu so I may retire to my bedchamber for some much longed-for nappage. I'll be wearing my striped legwarmers too....


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