23 December 2005

Friday Free Thinking

Golly. I wish I had wonderful, inspiring things to say that would mean something to someone. If not that, then hilarious, classy things to talk about. Or interesting facts to discourse on. So if Santa is still taking ideas down for Christmas presents, I'd like to tell him that I'd give up all other presents for Christmas forever if I could just always have something inspiring, funny, or interesting to say (er, write about). Surely that would make life better than some cute sweater or the newest in digital micro blah blah technology, right?
Been a good week. Got a lot done on my to-do list (Hey! Including hanging the Christmas lights outside!): wrapping presents, errands around town, Christmas cards sent from my family, shopping, fixing, house chores, etc. Got to visit Skronky briefly and exchange Christmas presents (of which I certainly got the better, prettier deal!) Talked to Julia a couple of times. Chatted with Mum a ton. Mostly just been hanging out trying to find stuff to occupy my time so I don't go crazy. I think I've manage to drive my dad and Dork up the wall with my incessant "picking up the house" nonsense, as they would think but never say. Every few minutes throughout the day I'd walk into the room they're in (separetly or apart) and ask, "Where does this go?" or "Who's is this?" To which they'd either answer as briefly as possible or, cursing me, stand up and show me where the wretched item should go. Often as not they told me to just leave it with them and they'd put it away. Which is a nice way to clean the house together... (hehehe)
I thought I had more to say. Luckily for ya'll, I've forgotten whatever it was. So farewell until next time. Merry Christmas!


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