14 December 2005

Happy Birthday Baby Brother!!!

Wow. Been a long week already. Thank goodness my finals are done now. Back to sleeping, watching tv, and getting to see my friends & family. WOOHOOO!!! Best wishes to anyone who still has finals to take! (oh and mine weren't too very terrible. Just in case you wondered. If you feel like commenting about how yours went, please do!)
My little brother is seventeen today. Man, that makes me feel so, so old. I remember holding him when he was a baby and now he can pick me up. I remember when he first started talking and walking. I remember having to translate what he said for Mum and Dad because I guess I still spoke toddler when I was five or six. He called me on his cell phone just a little while ago while on a break from play practice. They're performing tomorrow at the HS and I hear he's got a nice part. Yeah, I know I'm only twenty or so but today I feel ancient. So kudos to you my little big brother.
I'll be back in the hometown soon, tomorrow I think. Gonna be nice to be home for a little while. Haven't been back, other than to pick up my dress for the Snow Ball, since November.
5 months is a very long time.
If you're trying to avoid work of any sort this site is a nice place to waste time...
Well, I have things to say but they'll have to wait until I feel more motivated. Hope ya'll have a lovely week!


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