05 December 2005

Jock Ex's

Lovely weekend... Enjoyed TheNeighborhood show Friday downtown. They played some of their new stuff and it was wonderful! (The band just before them sucked though. Too bad because they had a neat, funny theme and little skit.)
Saturday I ran home to get one of my prom dresses to wear to the Snow Ball that evening. (Put on by the Sooner Ballroom Dance Club at the Natural History Museum. I just love living in a college town!) When I returned to the house there was a gaggle (6-8) of Betas enjoying a "line party" (ie the Bigs and Littles get together with their whole lineage. That's the shortest correct answer I can think of.)
Worked Sunday, all day. Wasn't too bad...
But I did get strangely annoyed at the little old lady because she kept yelling at me to fix her pillow, which really didn't need fixing if truth be told. So I'd pat it (not really moving it at all) and ask if that was better. She'd nod and go back to sleep. This happened about every five minutes for more than 5 hours straight. I really had to work hard to not let my voice sound sarcastic or annoyed. See, this lack of patience I have with people in general is why I shouldn't be a nurse. Glad I figured that out before the years of schooling.
Got my physics test back this morning (Only missed 7... so ended with a 14/21. Which isn't wonderful but it'll work for now.) Now I have to go through and figure out why I missed 'em. Drat my elementary school teachers for teaching me to do that! It's better in the long run but sucks because it means I still worry about my test waaaaaay after it's over.
For some strange reason my chatterbox won't let me type a whole sentence. Jett your answer would have been, "Estoy pensando aqui en la bibliotecca caliente porque hoy es muy frio."
Okay, well here's a post I drafted earlier last week and just didn't feel like posting at the time...

My Jock Ex's(note: I never REALLY dated any of these guys, of course. It just makes for interesting posting):
  • Jeremy, who is an Olympic Skier and Widereciever for The University of Colorado Buffs football team. Did I mention he's also a Tommy Hilfiger model in his spare time? ((had to get rid of the pics))
    The story on us... well, I just didn't have time to make it to all of his photoshoots which left him feeling unsupported or something weird like that... As if fifteen football games and several million rounds on the mountain weren't enough...

  • Andrew, who completed a sea-to-sea hike across Canada. Sorry I don't have a better picture but we didn't last long. The chilly Canadian weather was too cold to warm our love. Also he wore shorts more than I did... and, well, hmmm...
  • Roger is one of the best tennis players this world has ever seen... But his obsession with headbands was the death bell for our volley of affection.

  • Patrick, a skier who lead the fastest and youngest British team to ever reach the South Pole. Another piece of armcandy lost to the cold. Darn you, you icy men! Why must you brave the frigid tundra when you have warm! sunniness! waiting here Stateside?
  • Bode, another Olympic skiier (he competes in at least five events in the winter games), is very weighed down by all the shiny medals he's won. We didn't work out because I'm a Southern girl and he's a "Yankee" boy... sigh...
  • Bruce, a Hawaiian boy who surfs, imagine that! He's lately been getting a lot of attention for progressive stunts and busting big airs. His little dog, who is a cousin of the Gremlins, broke us up... That and I just missed Okieland too much. Did you know saltwater really dries out your hair?? Killer man...
  • Brady, Notre Dame's QB owns every major Notre Damw passing record.
    Being nearly a whole foot taller than me was challenging... The distance was really killing us too. That and he seemed to think the Sooners weren't all they're cracked up to be. Which they so obviously are! BOOMER SOONER you Irish scum!

**Edited to remove their last names...**


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