19 November 2005

Demotivation and Thanksgiving in a Friendly-style

OH WOW!!! Go read Miss Doxie (on my random places to waste time list) RIGHT NOW!!! Especially if you're as big of a nerd as I am!!!
And then check out these sweet posters I snagged via a link from Ryan:
Had a nice little get-together here at the house last night. Sort of a friends Thanksgiving meal. OOOH ! And we played Mafia!!!! I haven't played that since HS drama class!!! As soon as I have pictures to post, they'll be up somewhere. I love getting to hangout with my awesomely cool college friends!!!! (I wish I could throw a huge party for all of my friends that I never get to see and miss excruciatingly! That would be so so so fun but entirely impossible to get everyone I want to be there, there. Ah, such is the way of the world.)
And there is a ton of food left over so anyone in the Norman area who is hungry should stop by for some great food!!!! (Our fridge is so full! Eeek!) I definitely need some help with it since, if I were to eat it all, I'd have to be rolled out the door and wedged into my truck bed to be taken anywhere.
Good times... Happy Saturday!!!
“Charming people live up to the very edge of their charm, and behave as outrageously as the world lets them.”-Logan Pearsall Smith

**EDIT** Just for the record, I HATE having to wait on LiveJournal to connect when I want to read other people's journals or even just find one to read. It's horrible how long it makes you wait. Horrible. (And it's not just my computer!!!)
Also, Steve, Jenna, and Eddie are cheering for the game that's on right now... wouldn't it be funny if they were cheering for a ballet or game of chess??? They're really into it right now... "AHHHHHH BullS***!!!" I guess something's going wrong? lol


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