16 November 2005

Pretty, Cold November Wednesday

So ends my week of Emerson-inspired rants. I'll try to think of something new to rant about soon.
Nothing very new happening around here. Saw Gilmore Girls last night (ooooh!!!! I'm totally addicted to GG!!) and worked on physics homework. Bleck.
Am going home this weekend even though Thanksgiving break is next week since some of the family is coming in just for the weekend. My cousin Court is going to be at my house in a couple of days!!!!! I haven't seen her since... The float trip in July!!! Wow! That's a very long time! That's so exciting! Even more exciting is that she and her parents are looking at houses around here to move back to Okieland! Woohoo!!! (When a person has as few cousins as I do, ya tend to want them to live close. I hardly ever get to see my cousins that just live the next street over from my parents so the next state over is pretty much out of the question normally.)
Well, since I don't have anything to say... FIN


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