12 November 2005

Rant 5

The game's still going well. Woohoo!!! Had a bit of a party here last night; quite nice.
Nothing new really happenin'.
Rant 5... Inspirational quote from Emerson's Heroism, "But that which takes my fancy most in the heroic class, is the good humor and hilarity they exhibit." Yet another short rant but I LOVE this quote. I think the best leaders, the leaders who actually lead by ability not just fear, are the ones who also possess some human qualities, namely the best one, humor! Life is funny, humans are funny. Without humor life would be simply unbearable. What would we have to live for? The drudgery of the daily grind would wear on the lightest soul in no time if our world lacked laughter and humor. Morale stays up and things get done. Friends are made through it. Our very state of existence is bettered by it. So, of course, the "heroic class" has a portion of this zest in their makeup.
Short, hopefully sweet. Love to you all and I'm off to watch the last of the game!!!!
(Thanks for the commentary Jett! Much appreciated. "Everything worth having isn't easy"; If it were, that would take half the fun out of it, don't ya think?)


Anonymous Jarrett adoringly said...

I do not know if it takes the fun out of it or not; However, if you put average effort into life you will have an average life. Thusly, if you want an extraordinary life you must put extraordinary effort into it. Just to show that you are not the only one who apprecciates Emerson one of my favorite qoutes of his is "Make the most of yourself for that is all there is of you." While I do indeed try to live by this mantra, no one is perfect. I just try not let my lack of effort from yesterday affect how much i shall try and improve my self today. I am going to tulsa on friday to watch Harry Potter on the IMAX. Im such a geek but i Know your jealoous anyway.

cya doll

P.S. please refer to me as jarrett. Jett is a moniker i use for people i dont like so i know to ignore them when they yell my name across the room or when im typing and am to lazy to type my full name. Also just to vent why the hell is there one of those word jumble verifications on this thing is any one out really trying to take over the world by blogging on other peoples computers. okay, I am done now that my post script is longer than my post.

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