01 November 2005

The next day

I'm sitting in the Library and I can smell chicken! Who has chicken in the library??? (I will admit I would like some chicken now, since it smells so darn good but seriously, who is eating in the library??? You're SOOO not supposed to!)
Halloween was nice. Went to my classes, napped, talked to Mum... Emailed in my schedule for work because I was feeling much too lazy to drive up there to give it to them. (My boss emailed back a cutesy reply and it made me smile because I'd been worried that I'd bothered her by calling to pester her about something I should have taken care of last week.) Had some lunch at Classic 50's with Julia since we had almost no food at the house. (Their potato boats are awesome!) Later, after we got groceries and cooked dinner, we all got dressed up. Elise was a firefighter, Jenna was a cop, Julia was a vampire, and I decided to just call myself "Lindsay Lohan on a good day" because I didn't really fit any category other than the"trying too hard to avoid a category" category. Julia and I picked up Mel L and Lindsay V from the dorms to go hand out candy to little kids trick-or-treating at Mel's boyfriend Adam's house. It was truly fun. (Mel was Batman with boobs, Lindsay was static cling, Adam was supergirl with a pink wig and bigger boobs than any man should have) We Uno-ed and watched part of Army of Darkness before it was time to go... Good night over-all. I love Halloween.
OOOH! I forgot to write about how Julia and I got tricked into attending a school dance! We went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the Union Friday and there was supposed to be free chocolate afterwards in the ballroom... So we traipsed upstairs to find several bowls of chocolate, a chocolate fountain!, and... tables with tableclothes... and a mini stage... and dimmed lights... and 2 people dancing??!!?!?!?!?? How did this happen?? They promised free chocolate not nightmares of previous school dances! Needless to say, we cut out of there faster than you can say, "Oh look at those cute little kids dressed up like punk rockers! How sweet! Oh and a little fairy princess! Hey, grab another Hershies and let's split!" Much faster. We didn't even sample the chocolate fountain because there was such a surge of costumed citizens toward the fountain table that any hope of reaching its chocolatey goodness was greatly diminished... Much to our dismay and utter hopelessness...
Eh, whatever. We went to Morgan's 21st birthday party right afterward and were the only ones dressed up. Gotta love that in a group of friends. Happy Birftday Nirgan!!!!
It really cracks me up to look over and see other people fishing around on Facebook or Myspace or what have you. Dude, she's way out of your league! Don't poke her! Aw, you didn't, did you??? Now you're just asking for it. (sigh/evil laugh)
Guess that's it for now. Hasta lavista mis amigos!!!
A chief event of life is the day in which we have encountered a mind that startled us. -Emerson


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Haha... yeah, i hear you on the facebooking thing. hehe

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