24 October 2005

Redundancy Revisited

Good weekend. Worked, enjoyed being home for a while, and generally just had a good time. Classes this morning as usual. REALLY hard to stay awake in both physics and botany. And this shouldn't be blamed on the miraculously interesting materials both professors were presenting. No. I am entirely to blame, me and my crazy college student ways. (yeah, right)
Been struggling to make myself complete my application to pharmacy school. It seems so redundant. They already have all my stuff. Why send it again? Are they so inept that they can't realize I'm the same person I was last year and all my transcripts are the same (other than the courses I took last semester, which they DO have a copy of as well. Official even.) My intent is still the same. The people who recommended me would probably still agree with their earlier statements. Why just increase your stack of paperwork when it's all there already. Okay, there's my whining out of the way. Now I have to buck up and shut up. Or something like that.
Dad and Dork put a new sound thing in my truck which means I now have nice musicalness on my trips around in my automobile. Very nice. Thank you guys. Very, very much.
I just erased two long, stupid paragraphs. Just thank me and be glad I didn't post 'em. Trust me.
Guess that's all I have for now. Love ya'll. Happy Monday!
"I cannot recall any form of man who is not superfluous sometimes."-Emerson


Blogger Julia adoringly said...

I know a letter from Johnny Depp would certainly brighten up ANY day of mine, but not if I know that I, or any of my friends, sent it. Good thing he's really going to send me one someday...professing his love for me, of course!!! :D

10:45 PM  

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