17 October 2005

Weekend Update with...

Is the weekend really over already? Where did it go??? I didn't get anything done!!!
Mum came down for lunch Friday. We had fun making fun of, oh, just about everyone around us at the restaurant. Our waiter was the funniest! He REALLY wanted to bring us queso and "Hey! How about some shots???" Which he played off as a joke but, no, HE WASN'T KIDDING!!! It was only, oh, noonish!!! And he needed to get rid of the UPS-envy shorts... But we had fun and ate wayyyy too much. So it was a successful mission. Also finials which, I know, you would have never guessed from us.
Saw "Elizabethtown" Friday evening with Skronky. It's a really good movie (and parts of it were filmed in my hometown summer-before-last!!!!) Most of the film is pretty quirky but I enjoy quirky. It's a chick-flick without all the cheesiness and such. Made me laugh a ton (and to be fair, since I'm not the best critic when it comes to funny, most of the people around me laughed a ton too.) It's one of those movies that leaves you smiling. A+ in my book.
I am trying my darnedest to think of a nice funny story for ya but nothing's coming...
Okay, so everyone have a great week! Love ya'll!!!!


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