10 October 2005

Manic Monday woohoo

Wow. Two guesses as to who was running exceptionally late this morning... Woke up at 8:05 and have class at 8:30... I made it in time and sat through a lovely lecture that I hardly understood and really don't remember much of. Now I'm chilling out in the Library with no makeup, hair in a bun (because that's all that looks half decent when it hasn't been washed), same shirt I wore to bed under my hoodie. At least I have my contacts in. Whew. Could be much worse.
Work yesterday went alright. Only did the evening shift since they apparently didn't need me the morning one (but only decided to tell me such after I was already ready to go to work...). Near end of shift they came in asking if I could/would work the night shift which doesn't end in enough time for me to make it back to Norman for class... So no. I couldn't/wouldn't. Muhahahahahahahaha....
I think today is Columbus Day. How great is it to have a holiday named for you when all you did is make a huge mistake and succeed in leading to the destruction of an entire indigenous peoples??? Well done, brave son. Here's a national holiday in a nation you didn't expect would exist on its own. Ironic or just funny?

I had a good weekend at home. Much was accomplished which is always a plus in my book. Also Cheesecake. Mum totally rocked out the cheesecakeness Friday and I got to enjoy some for breakfast Sunday! How sweet is that??? Totally!
Saturday dinner at my aunt and uncle's was excellent as well and, of course, the company was lovely too. Chili sounds good today too...
I think that's enough for now. I need to go do some reading for Botany since the test is tomorrow morning. Woohoo! Happy Manic Monday!!!!


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