26 October 2005

Thank you Mr. Nice Guy

As I was walking into the Library just now I got to the door at the same time as another student. Since I was on the right side, the side the door opens to, I held open the door and said, "Go ahead." But since it was a guy he could not let that happen... I had to go first or neither of us was getting in any time soon. I know that's the polite thing that he did but it just makes me laugh because he could have just gone and kept the flow going without a flaw. It really wouldn't have hurt anyone. But thank you Mr. Nice Guy. You rock.
Another incident relevant to the one above happened yesterday on the bus. Julia and I were on our way to campus and sat in one of the side-facing seats for 3 people. A fellow sat next to Julia completing the trio intended for the seat. But when the seats were all filled on the bus and another girl entered (she would have to stand, see?), the fellow next to Julia got up and let her sit there by us. Really this doesn't sound like much but I ride the bus daily and I must say it doesn't happen all that often. And that's okay. But when it does happen it's noticeable. So, once again, thank you Mr. Nice Guy.
In class just a bit ago... All of a sudden, out of the blue, I wanted to be outside on the slopes skiing. Do you grasp my dilemma? There are no slopes in Oklahoma!! Also, I have class the rest of the week! And nearest appropriate slopes are in New Mexico or Colorado!!! The urge has subsided somewhat so I'll be okay. Someday. But I do NEED to go again sometime before my cute ski pants don't fit anymore.
Also in class... We were reviewing for our evil test this Friday... The village idiot in that class picked today to come and be terribly confused. It didn't help that the prof got himself confused as well... He told us the wrong formulas and his examples had variables backwards... I don't know if I'm going to be able to pass this test. Thank ye gods that it isn't an essay on concepts type of test. That would slay me for sure. (Oh and the village idiot just barely survived... I controlled my insatiable desire to throw things, heavy things, in that general direction. I really didn't care if there were innocent bystanders... They can move... They're either with me or against me, thus the losses are negligible, right?)


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