27 October 2005

Happy Lizard

There was a little lizard entering Cross Hall as I was exiting this morning. He was only about an inch long, his tail being about half that length, and very determined on completing his task of infiltrating said building. He was also super cute. Yay for cute, devious lizards. (Oooh a thought just occurred to me... Do you think he escaped from the zoology building next door or maybe he was trying to free his friends in the Zoo building and mistakenly picked the botany/microbio building instead??? Either way I hope he has a great time!)
The longer I live the more I discover I'm not in the least unique or truly special. The funny thing is, that doesn't bother me. Instead it makes me feel more comfortable and sets the world in a better light for me. I'm glad there are more people like me in the world.
Life is good. Happy Thursday!

Oh and I've found something to consider if I don't make it into pharm school....Floral Design How freakin' funny is that one???


Anonymous jarrett adoringly said...

Your cute little lizard didnt escape i see those things all the time when I lock the buildings up at night. One night i counted 34 on a second floor window on robertson hall. Sometime when i am bored i try to carch them i even brought a couple home one night but took them back like two night s later. anywho, floral design huh, dont worry you wll get into pharm school but just in case my favorite flower is the stargazer lilly

12:39 PM  
Anonymous skronky adoringly said...

i'm guessing by the actions and location of the lizard it was a baby fence lizard. here is a link to a picture of one. tell me if i'm right! although it could have been a racerunner or skink, but i doubt it. k bye!

11:56 PM  
Anonymous skronky adoringly said...


this is the link again.

11:58 PM  

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