03 November 2005

Happy Thursday!

I just finished my botany test in less than twenty minutes! Go me!
Before the test, though, I managed to kinda pass out on the bus just as it got to my stop, resulting in me falling off (since, of course, I was standing right near the exit). A couple of guys (I think) pulled me up and I retrieved one of my shoes, which was still on the bus. Anyway, aside from a bruised ego, a scrape on my leg, and some black marks on my pink yoga pants, I'm okay. I think I was just stressing out about the test and then I got too hot (hoodie and the hot atmosphere of the bus), which is never a good thing for me. The truly silly part is that I knew it was about to happen and I tried to talk myself into not doing that. "Crikey Misty, get a set and get over it. You're almost to class and you still haven't finished cramming for this test. It'll only be about a minute and then you can sit down. Uhoooh..."
Okay! So now the world knows I'm crazy! Woohoo!
Check out the comment Galen left on my last post! It's got links to some funny little clips. I thought they were funny anyway. And the girl in Pink Five looks a little like my roomie Elise! Weird, huh?
I think I'm going home this weekend. And I'm very much looking forward to it!!!! Watch out ER; Here I come!!!!
Okay, well I'm going to go find something to do. Not sure what yet, but something. Hope ya'll have a great day!!!


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