15 November 2005

Rant 7

I just got back from Melissa's harp concert thing. Totally awesome!!!!!! (Not to mention that her fans were more than half the crowd!!!) Pretty stuff.
My hair is now black. Very black. And Miss Julia's is coppery. We look fabulous!
Very windy day outside. Nothing much happened in classes today...
Rant 7, the last of this series (for now anyway). Inspired by two quotes. The first quote is from Emerson's Manners, "But I shall hear without pain, that I play the courtier very ill, and talk of that which I do not well understand."
I know that sometimes I don't really know well what I'm talking about or don't have sound references for my opinions/reasons. That's part of this being human thing, maybe, thinking I know everything... Oooh! If you could know everything about one thing or a little about everything which would ya choose? I'd pick a little of everything since that's really the best way to survive in this world. And really, that's what we get anyway, a little of everything. But back to the quote... "shall hear without pain" makes sense because to be told you're so full of bologna doesn't really hurt as much as it makes one stop to think if that's true. And for me, well I don't eat much bologna so I don't think I'm very full of it.
From Emerson's Gifts, "I can think of many parts I should prefer playing to that of the Furies." Yeah, wouldn't it truly ruin your day to have to be the one to harrass someone else to death? You get wings but you also have to have snakes for your hair. Wings might be worth the snakes but with the constant nagging... Well, I'd rather be less vengence and more forgiveness/comforting. No one likes to be the guy who has to keep the group on task and certainly you'd be hard-pressed to find a good manager who enjoys firing employees (along with counciling current employees about their missdeeds and mistakes). That's probably why there are more poems written about other winged creatures (Angels, of course) than there are about the Furies. Who writes an ode to their ruthless conscience when there are pretty, happy creatures around to idealize? So unless you're starting a heavy metal all-girl band you should find a better name for yourself than that of the Furies (or the Erinyes if you want to get technical).
Happy Tuesday and sorry this update is so late in the day!


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