28 November 2005

Angst doesn't end when you turn 20

I'm seething right now. Grrrrrr.... So this part will be a rant and then I'll actually write something nice to read... Was supposed to have a huge physics test this morning at 8am. Studied over break and at work yesterday. Ended up last night with a pounding headache so I finally went to sleep. Woke up obscenely early to get to campus on time for this test. On the bus ride over one of the girls who is also in my physics class gets a call on her cell phone from another classmate. He tells her that the test isn't until Wednesday. Well, since we're all already on the bus we just all go check it out. On the blackboard at the front of the room it says, "Midterm 3 Wed @ 8." 7:35 in the morning and this is the first notice we get that the test isn't today. No emails or postings on any of the half-dozen sites he makes us use. Nothing. Then he doesn't stroll into the class until ten after eight at which time he starts class just like nothing is different!!! Our class usually isn't until 8:30 and we're supposed to be having a test!!! GRRRRRRR!!!!! And he doesn't give us any kind of reason for why it's being delayed! (Several people came back early from their Thanksgiving vacations with family to study for this test!) Also, this is the second time the test has been moved! So, I know I should be happy to have more study time but I'm really just rather pissed at being up so early, running on such little sleep, having studied my arse off, and then just getting slapped with a boring lecture over things he should have taught us already.
Okay, so now that's out of my system. I'll write more when I get home (I'm in the Library enjoying the warmth of being surrounded by millions of books). Happy Monday to everyone!


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