02 January 2006

First Post of the New Year!!!!

Weird dream last night: Grandma won the regional part of America's Funniest Home Videos with a tape of her with two of her sisters. I don't remember much else but it was hilarious. And weird.
Went shopping with the Dork this afternoon. Good times. It's strange that I missed out on that part of the female gene that dictates I love shopping, in sickness and in health through good times and bad. Because I get irratible and want to leave the mall almost as soon as I set foot in there. Lacking a mission at the mall would be disasterous for anyone who wanted me to go shopping with them there. Oh well. At least I got that annoying giggle gene down, right?
Oooooooo! That Chaco! He was just barking and then came upstairs here. So I scolded him once I got him downstairs (since Mum was already asleep because she has work tomorrow). He acted like I was going to beat him! Coward down with his tail between his legs and looking up at me with sad puppy eyes. As if I beat him on a regular basis!!! The worst I've ever done to him was nudge him with my foot away from my little cousin when he was baring his teeth and growling at him. Crazy dog!!!
I've really enjoyed reading this blog lately... The Language Guy especially his thoughts on the inherent sexism in language. I hadn't given it nearly as much thought as he seems to have but it is rather hard to miss sometimes (for example, at my job the word nurse seems to always refer to female and doctor to male regardless of the fact that either gender can fill either role.) So, go check him out if you have some time to do a lot of reading.
I've got a book to recommend to EVERYONE!!!! Even if you aren't really a big reader, especially if you aren't, this book, Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life by Amy Krouse Rosenthal is wonderful!!!! I'd loan everyone my copy but Mum's working on reading it right now so let me know and I'll make a list or something (haha I'm so funny).
Okay, well... Off to bed! Love to everyone!!!!


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