22 January 2006

Rockin out the weekend

Happy weekend, ya'll!
I was supposed to work a double today but they didn't need me this morning. Too bad really because work was the main reason I didn't go visit some friends up in Stillwater yesterday. I didn't want to have to drive back here at midnight to get up and go to work at six. Oh well, there'll be other parties.
Really enjoyed the fried onion burgers I brought back with me Thursday. (Julia, Brandon, and Elise agree that they totally rock!) I miss them so much when I'm down here but rarely remember them while I'm visiting home. Isn't that the way we, as humans, are so often? When we can't have something we want it more than anything else but if it's there for the taking it isn't worth getting up for.
Men's Gymnastics meet Friday night was wonderful as always, though Julia and I were puzzled by Jonathan Horton's absence (apparently he's at the U.S. Senior National Team camp in Colorado) and Josh Gore's lovely though unexpected presence (still not sure on this one but we think he's working as a manager or trainer or something of that nature). The Neighborhood show right afterward at the Union was great too. I like their new stuff and just wish they'd put out a new CD soon. My night closed with an appearance at a going away party for one of Skronky's friends. I had only met one of the attendees before and recognized another from a couple of my classes here at OU but everyone was very nice and I had a good time. Their little dog was so cute! We, she and I, played for a long time while the remaining girls talked about wedding details and bridesmaids' dresses (since two of them are engaged and one married it's forgiveable as long as I'm not forced to act like I give a crap. If they were my close friends, of course, I'd like to hear about it but since I'll likely never see them again... you get the picture). I think I got the better conversation partner anyway. She was really cute and playful; reminded me how much I want to get a dog or puppy...
The upcoming week is looking like a nice week. Hope everyone has fun and lots of laughter! Love ya'll!
"The man who goes alone can start today; but he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready." - Henry David Thoreau


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