06 January 2006

Hypocrisy in my eye

For a moment I really wanted to gripe internally about no one ever updating their blogs. Then I realized I haven't updated since Monday. Yeah. Total hypocrisy. Gotta love that...
Not much going on. Been scanning in all the pics from old family albums (Curses on whoever invented those albums with the sticky stuff!!!! Many, many horrid curses!!!!!!) and it's so exciting. I know you're jealous but I get to have all the fun in this case. See? Really not much going on here.
Saw "Walk the Line" movie last night with Skronky. Pretty darn good. Reese Witherspoon did an excellent job as June Carter-Cash. I'd recommend it to anyone who asked...
Visited Grandmum today. Hoot as always. Her boyfriend used me as a distraction for the trash-pickup guys so they wouldn't notice he had too many cans out to be dumped. Then he came over to us where we were watering her garden and he gloated about it! I don't know whether to feel used or conspiratorial (something like that?). Goodness gracious.
I'm working double doubles this weekend. Hope I survive. One more week out of school. Yay!
G'night everyone!!!


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