17 January 2006

First day back!!!!

Don't stop dreaming

Life is wonderful. Friends are essential. Love is worth everything we go through to get it. Even when a day really sucks there are better days to remember and to look forward to. Thank God for that beautiful thing called "Hope".
Yes, it's about one in the morning and I'm still awake. Classes start tomorrow but it's just the first day so we'll be going over the syllabi and saying our names in some sort of cheesy ice breaker, if it's a small class that is. Terribly predictable but I've come to like predictable sometimes. It's comfortable at least.
I'm in a nice mood. As in, I feel good physically and emotionally and just want everyone else to be as wonderfully off as I am. Too bad I waste this kind of mood on being by myself just before I go to sleep...
Good night my darlings and sleep well. Love and smiles all around.

^That's the kind of junk I write when I'm tired and yet in a thinking mood. Good times. I hadn't updated my xanga in soooooo long!!!
I'm done with my first day of classes this semester. It was fun. Predictable as I mentioned above. I'm rather sad because I'm going to have to drop a class I really, really want to take. Intellectual History of 20th Century Europe (3 hours). There are 8 books to read and only about 15 weeks to read them. But. I really think it's going to be a wonderfully interesting class!!!! The only problem is that I'm taking too many hours and need to drop something. This class is one that I just signed up in for fun so I can afford to drop it unlike several of my other classes. The only other ones I could drop are Flowering Plants (4 hours) and wall climbing (1 hour). Oh well. I might have to drop those too if things get to be too much.
Worked Sunday. Not too bad for a double.
Went shopping with Julia yesterday. Got roommate Christmas presents (a little late, yeah, but we've still not gotten together for that yet so no harm, no foul) and a couple of cute shirts for myself. Jenna and Steve are back, as are Elise and Allie. It's so nice having everyone around. Hadn't realized how much I missed my Norman family.
Now that classes are starting again there are also other events being planned. Neighborhood concerts, visits to/from Stillwater friends, and Men's Gymnastics meets are just the beginning. Sigh. It's going to be a great semester.


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