14 January 2006

"'Cause you're not impressed but you're so polite..."

Happy Saturday to you! This has been such a busy week. I just looked at my day planner and noticed I have nothing written for any of the days this past week. Go figure. Somehow I think that's a little ironic. (Oh and the title for this post is from a song called Green Eyes by Discover America. I like it!!!)
Here's a quick run through: worked doubles all last weekend. Scanned in more pictures Monday and Tuesday. Made 2 cherry pies, a dozen cherry turnovers, and a batch of cookies, also on Tues. Worked a single Wednesday before heading back to Norman. Grocery run since we had no food. Thursday bought books for classes (which start next week). Friday puttered around (unpacking, fixing, cleaning, etc) until evening when Julia and I had a French Toast Party!!! That's been my week. And such an exciting one too.
Buying books Thursday was fairly uneventful until we got back to my truck and started to head for home. Comparing the huge sums we each had to dish out (together over $800), I noticed that I seemed to have bought two genetics books. I didn't remember there being more than one so we checked my bags. Seven books. Eight on my receipt. Dang it. Turned back around and they fixed the problem graciously without incident. I'm so, so, so glad I caught that mistake. It was the most expensive book I had to buy and paying for it twice wasn't anything to sniff at. Guess this just proves I am my father's daughter (as if there was any question. I read the backs of and skimmed through a few titles from other classes just because they looked neat. Yay for books!!!)
Yesterday late afternoon Julia and I watched some junk on TV (anyone heard of Cowboy U on CMT??) little suspecting what the evening held in store for us. Though we'd each had a small dinner earlier in the afternoon we came to the conclusion that some french toast sounded mighty tasty. Not hard to make and even easier to eat, french toast sounded like a great idea. But then we remembered that Alex had decreed we had to have a party at our house this week. What to do??? Start making french toast or start calling up friends??? Hey! Why not both??? Thus began the event to be known as the French Toast Party!!! I hate to admit that in the ensuing flood of fun no pictures were taken, thus rendering my little story forever void of illustration. A good time was had, many eggs were broken, and no one got hurt. (Other than the incidents involving Cookie, Mr. Weatherman-hair, and "your Mother should have said No". Those were just further proof of my depravity. Sorry.)
Today I'm just trying to keep myself busy. It's tough. I keep breaking things. The list thus far includes my curtain rod above my window, my picture frame, a pencil, and my own bit of lingering sanity. Yay for fun!
Happy weekend ya'll!!


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