01 February 2006

Like the dolphins, like dolphins can swim...

Julia and I made cupcakes last evening. They're delicious. I just had one so I think I'm a qualified critic.
Wall climbing went well this morning other than our instructor being late, so Henry and I just sat there talking for a while. Since he's 2 years older there are people he talks about from home that I don't know but generally it isn't stuff they would probably want me knowing even if I did know them so I just count it as a blessing when I can't connect a face with the name.
"We can be heros, just for one day"
I just remembered... There was a guy in a bee suit trying to catch squirrels in a butterfly net on campus last Wednesday before my evening class. He went full out with the costume, head to toe and he got pretty close to nabbing a squirrel a couple of times. Since I got sick during class I'd forgotten about him. But why do that? I have to hope it was a dare or part of initiation or something. Not purely just because it sounded fun. But it was funny, I'll give him that one. The joys of campus...
I don't know if I've mentioned but several of my friends are getting married soon. It just seems so strange to me to think of them married to anyone. It's a marrying season apparently, though, so can't blame them. Not to be elitist but I'm glad I'm not to that point in my life yet. Someday I'll be happy to be there but right now, well... I like being able to take risks and make my own choices without the life and happiness of someone else having to be fully considered. Also planning a wedding seems like a pain in the butt. Can't ya get someone who likes that kind of thing to plan one for you? My grandmum would be horrified to hear me say that so flippantly, I'm sure of it. (You know, of course, that it's my fault she isn't a great-grandmum yet like her sister. Crikey.) Though I say that now, I'm sure I'll be a tyrant bride-to-be when it comes to the planning so God help my family and the poor fellow who is the groom-to-be (though in dreams I just arrive at my wedding without even knowing it's supposed to be that day, so who knows??).
Oooo there's been some turmoil in this little house... Things have been disappearing... Julia's special birthday cups, my green towel, Julia's beige towel, the dvd player, the case to one of Julia's DVD's (just the case, not the DVD). Other things have appeared; towels we've never seen before in our bathroom, an orphan razor in our shower, gloves that belong to noone, various change left on the kitchen counter, laundry that seems to now live in the laundry room, etc. My towel returned as did Julia's case but most of the missing things are still missing. I've heard a rumor that the DVD player is in Elise's room but it's been there for about a week now if that's the case. I don't know... I'd love to engage in some gossipy bashing but that's mean in such a closed forum. Just take it from me that it's annoying and inconsiderate... grrness.
Happy Wednesday!!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous adoringly said...

OK, you got me. I confess. I broke into your house, left a glove, took some cups, and borrowed a towel. Tomorrow, I have plans to break in down the street and shuffle the items in their mail stack. Next week, I'g going all out and turning the toilet paper around backwards in all the men's rooms on campus. You can't stop me!!!! I am BOB!!!!

1:51 PM  
Blogger Julia adoringly said...

I knew it was BOB!!! Darn that BOB. We'll cut BOB, we'll cut BOB bad... :D

3:30 PM  

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