30 January 2006

I am alive again!

You know that crazy busy feeling? Yeah, it's been kicking me around. Also, 8-10 hour stomache flu. Had it last Wednesday night... such a delight, I won't bore you with the details, just suffice to say I'm still kinda weak from it but enjoy the fact that I lost a couple of pounds at it. That's looking at the bright side I'm sure!
Home this weekend was fun. Helped Mum (who has updateded! YAY! Go read it!!) out in the garden pruning roses. We knocked out at least 24 of them and it took several hours. I shouldn't have been so proud about my hand not hurting right then. Because it WAS sore this morning in wall climbing and made me look like a lame little sissy girl. I deserved it. I only made one attempt and even then made it only about 2/3 of the way up. Lame.
Worked a double yesterday. Need to start working more since tuition is probably going to be more than I thought it was. Oh well, I have time to work just not the motivation. It's hard to get motivated to go act like you know what's going on and pretend to listen patiently when all I really want is to tell them to be quiet and listen, gosh darn it, because what we're doing is for a reason, namely to help him/her get to feeling better and out of here!!!! We're not evil, inherently, and just because we work there doesn't mean we like being at the hospital any more than they do. Grrr. Rant, rant, rant...
Have to do laundry tonight because I discovered all my workout pants (other than the ones that say "Score" on the butt which I refuse to wear to wall climbing, since, come on! Score???) are dirty or need to be fixed. Had to wear the pink ones that constantly-threaten-to but never-do-fall-down this morning. Good times.
And now I have to go to class... will update again very soon... Love and hugs!


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