25 January 2006

Wednesday delight - reminds me of Hawaiian Delight!

Well, my speech went alright. Since I was first after I went I got to enjoy everyone else's much, much more. Surprised me how many of them were either almost entirely religious or at least mentioned it (as did mine, briefly). Music was also a big deal, apparently. Oh! And a new girl in the class didn't know about the assignment since she'd enrolled the day after the last class but he made her get up there and speak anyway, just off the top of her head without knowing any of the criteria. He acted like he's not going to let her redo it or make it up at all! I'm not sure but I think I would have either cried or left mad and dropped the class as soon as I got out of the building. Who knows...
Wall climbing this morning was a blast! Definitely my favorite class! (but I can't help but giggle a little inside everytime our instructor tells us we need to get more tail... It just means we need more rope to tie off with but I'm so immature that I find it hilarious... lol)
Had our roommate Christmas last night, almost a whole month after Christmas! Was such a blast because some of Steve's Beta bros were over too, playing Presidents and A**holes. They're quite a hoot. Guess we'll take the tree down sometime this next weekend or so...
On my way to pick up Julia from class yesterday the car in front of me had a cat in the back window. A real, live cat just hanging out in the back window. Pretty cute too, but it makes me wonder what kind of people take their cats on drives around town? The only time our cat ever got near a vehicle was to go to the vet's office so needless to day she hated cars...
Got a letter from SWOSU about my autobiographical sketch that I sent them with my application. Apparently, what I sent them isn't good enough, too much like a letter of intent so they won't consider my application complete until they get another one from me. Was really disappointed because this almost sounds like they're just screwing with me like OU has time and time again. I'm trying to be optimistic but they aren't really helping. I guess I should just be glad they let me know before the deadline so I at least have a chance to fix the (percieved) problem.
Well, ya'll each have a great day and I'll talk to ya soon!


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