06 February 2006

The true geek inside

Wall climbing this morning kicked my butt. Or rather my hands since they're what's ailing me right now. Ouch!
Watched an episode of a dumb reality show called "Beauty and the Geek" last night at work. The girls had to put together a computer station, download one song, burn it to a cd and play it. The first to do it all won. How hard is that? They had a whole day to study manuals for how to do it. Besides, who can't at least plug in stuff??? Anyway, the guy's challenge was to decorate a room. Now, I guess I'm more geek than beauty because that seems like a harder challenge to me. They had to design it for a girl. My thought is that it's harder to design for someone else than it is to download a song, any song, and play it. But whatever. It was a pretty lame show and I'm surprised it's in at least its second season. So you can see what a stimulating experience work was yesterday...
Went home for the afternoon Saturday for my cousin's birthday party. Was a pretty good time. Wish I'd had more time to talk to my nuclear family but can't always have what I wish for, right? Besides, when we go visit out in Arkansas soon we'll have at least 3 hours in the car both ways to gab. (It makes me smile to call my family nuclear. I know that's the correct term but its other meaning makes it funnier)
Well, genetics class awaits... Happy Monday! Hope ya'll have a great week!

Had a neat thought: Fishing out my keys... I have to hook them with the tip of my finger into my keyring, while pulling they sometimes get caught and I have to fight the forces of nature, ie the demons in my bag that like to hold keys. When I finally get them out I feel so darn accomplished, like I really did something awesome. But it was just getting my keys out of my bag. Doesn't really even diminish my enjoyment that this happens EVERYDAY. Nope. I still think it's rad.


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