15 February 2006

General bluh

This is my 301st post. Sometimes I wonder why I'm still blogging. I don't have any ideas to rock the world's foundations or any revelations that will save lives or souls. I'm just talking about myself like a good narcissist would. What does that say about how I am? I almost started into some self-depreciating but that's just uncalled for...
Wrists hurt. This is a constant for Mondays and Wednesdays. You'd think I'd quit whining. I wish they'd put up some new easy routes on the wall since they took out 2 of them over the past two weeks. For those of us who shy away from bouldering just yet there are only about 5 easy routes and most of us aren't good enough to tackle medium routes yet. For me, it's mostly about upperbody strength. I can push up with my feet all day but it doesn't keep my arms from getting worn out and sore before I reach the top. And it's not my upperarms that ache either, it's the hands and wrists for which I knew few, if any, exercises that really work to help. Guess it just takes time and patience.
Patience isn't really one of my virtues. Or at least unbiased patience isn't. Some things set me off like a spark while others don't even register on my radar. Strange how that works.
I managed to wake up on time this morning, stay on schedule getting ready until it came to getting dressed then I got behind and forgot my phone as I rushed out the door. I hate it when I forget my phone. I know I used to live without one but nowadays I feel lost if I don't have it. Meh...
Just ran into another pre-pharm from ER... He's a year younger so this is his first year applying to pharm college and he's still really anxious about getting an interview, etc. Says he thinks about it all the time; in class, working on homework, before sleep, etc... Makes me laugh because now I'm not even thinking about it. If he hadn't mentioned it I wouldn't have remembered that interview invitations are going out now and I still haven't gotten one. I'm sort of past the point of caring. Seems like I've been stuck here so long I'm just going to have to take 5 years and get some sort of degree I don't even care about just to justify my waste of time working on getting into pharm school. Should have just been an elementary education major and joined a sorority. At least then I might not be so apathetic about it all. And I'd probably already have my degree finished. At the end of this semester I'll have about a hundred and six hours I think. Woop-ti-do. That's from taking only about 14-15 hours a semester w/o extra classes in winter or summer... just imagine where I'd be if I was shooting for 17-18 plus summer classes and intersession. I'd be done. If money wasn't an issue I could try college and cullinary school at the same time. Or maybe beautician school. Hey, I already know some of the chemistry they use for their torture processes.
Obviously I need to suck it up and quit gripping. Sorry. Hope ya'll have a great day! It's Wednesday!!!!!


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