20 February 2006

Slushy Monday

They have pink salt!!! For the sidewalks!!!! Isn't that weird???
Oh and a tour group just went by in the library. It's funny how obvious it is that they're a tour group not just a bunch of lost people huddled together. But I take it as my sworn duty to make fun of them silently to make up for all the times they woke me up early during a nap by the Great Reading Room last semester. Ahhah! I WILL have revenge on those little curious ragamuffins!
Oh and just because I'm in such a great mood, I have to send a warm thought of thanks to my roommate Jenna. She's so sweet and thoughtful. And she moved her vehicle last night after she got back home so I could leave for class this morning without incident! SHE IS TO BE ADORED!!! Also, she brings us candy. And she keeps Steve around to make us laugh. But mostly she's just awesome!!!!
Julia, you'd have a paragraph just like that but you make fun of me enough so you've basically become on the same level as Dawn and family... thus, well, I'll just be nice to you in person, okay? I think we should have another movie night soon...
Climbing went well this morning. It was so hard to not laugh when one of the boys, I won't name names, tried to go too fast and slipped, which ended in him hitting the wall more than once and flying around like a cat on a leash. SO FUNNY. But I was his belayer so I had to act like it wasn't funny and that I was, seriously, concerned about his well-being. Which, I mean, I don't want him to get hurt badly but a few scratches and a bruised ego won't do him much harm and since I was belaying I knew he was safe from falling badly. So inner chuckles. Yay!
Wish I could think of more to say. Hope everyone is driving safely and staying warm in this yucky weather. Happy Slushy Monday ya'll!!!


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