16 February 2006

A Better Thursday

I was walking on campus this morning and the thought occurred to me that I wish you could send a "nudge" (like on MSN messenger. It's to say, hey! look at me!) to people walking semi-nearby that you know. It would be fun. Really fun. Beepers maybe? Would that work???
There was a Benno (Benjamin) Furmann look-alike on the bus on the way home. And I surely didn't mind.
Ya know how in class or at work there are people you continually see on a regular basis that have their own little quirks? Do you ever give them nicknames so your friends and you can discuss their eccentric habits?? Well, this morning I saw little Miss "I've got to piss like a f&*^ing racehorse" from physics last year. Is it bad that's the only thing I know or think about when I see her? There are others, usually more flattering or having to do with looks at least... "Rugged Boy" from freshman year who looked amazingly like the Brawny Man... "Plant Girl" from freshman understanding theatre class who wore bits of leaves in her hair a couple of days (I'm talking about it was for sure on purpose because they were "arranged" in some manner)... To go with Plant Girl was "Plant Girl's Boyfriend," the villiage idiot who asked the most boring questions ever but was very jovial about it as he sat next to her and laughed at his own wit... "Mittman" (now better known as Morgan) so named because the first time we met was in the dorm laundryroom where he complained about how hot the clothes come out of the dryer thus creating a need for oven mitts on laundry day... "What's His Name" from freshman year, my then-roommates ex who called much too often... The list could go on forever, especially if you start including the little devices you use to remember people's names, like "President Sean" who once gave a convincing imitation of the President. Anyway, seeing her just made me laugh.
Just heard Audio Adrenaline's Undefeated... Really likin' it...
“All we need is honesty, a little humility, and trust.”-Bob Dylan

"Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever." - Napoleon Bonaparte


Anonymous Skronky adoringly said...

Yeah i know what u mean. me and my old bandmate joe always refered to this one guy our religions of the world class as "Puddle of Love" because during the arguement of the age old "just because u can't see something doesn't mean it does't exist" he declared to the class loudly and cynically "Well I've never stepped in a puddle of love!" he was then deemed Puddle of Love.

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