19 February 2006

Yay at last

I've got an invite to interview this next Saturday for OU Pharm college. Good to know they're not ignoring me for the moment. Now I'm starting to get worried about getting in. Before there was a sense of apathy mixed with misgivings about field choice but now it's just anxiety. Almost wish I was furious about something or resentful even so I'd still be able to talk fluently; I fear by Friday I'll be a mass of jiggling (and giggling) mush... yay.
Scanned in dozens of pictures this weekend from HS and freshman year before I got my digital camera. Remembered lots of funny things. Good times.


Anonymous Jarrett adoringly said...

I know interviews are horrible as if someone could judge you worthiness talking to you for ten minutes good luck though

7:00 AM  

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