27 February 2006

Manic Monday Ranting

I should be studying but this is way more fun thus I'm made a deal with myself that as long as I can keep typing without having to stop to think of a new topic I can keep writing this post!
Work yesterday was long but uneventful and thus not really that hard. It was a good day.
Just like today is a good day. Possibly a great day! Wouldn't that be wonderful? To wake up every morning and remember, the very first thought in your head, that today could be the greatest day ever? I think I'd give up that part of my brain that remembers stupid song lyrics to have that thought the first thing every morning. Especially since my first thoughts seem to be about some stupid dream I just woke up from that doesn't make a lick of sense. (I just love that term, lick of sense... so quaint.)
I like headbands. I think I generally look bad in them but I like them on other people. The girl across from me here in the library is wearing a particularly pretty one with lots of pink swirly things on it. Ah, to have headband worthy hair. I guess I would if I cut mine shorter...
Mum is back! Can you tell, since I've mentioned it in more than one post, that this news makes me really happy. It doesn't hurt that she's promised me a box of Thin Mints Girl Scout Cookies when I go home (though Daddy bought them thinking Mum likes them. She doesn't. I do!!!!!)

Oh and speaking of the family... Dork might be adding to the long line of us who have served as Key Club President... Dork seems to be apparently the only one qualified to run for the position. It really doesn't help that they have the same "teacher" advisor as was there when I was Pres. I honestly did not like the woman and my love for her has not grown an ounce. I sure hope Dork makes it through without maiming her (or telling me anything she's done and making me want to maim her myself.) It's really sad to me when a really great group with the best intentions is cut short and underutilized because of a lack of enthusiasm and knowledge in its leadership. That's the best I can say without starting in on specifics and using explicatives. Lots of them. Grrrrrrr.... This is one of those cases where I gave someone a chance even after my first impression of him/her was terrible and that chance just proved me right in my first judgement. I hate it when that happens because I honestly believe in the goodness of people. It's hard to keep trying and giving second chances when those sort of people prove me wrong...

Enough about that. Now I've run out of legitimate topics and will have to end this post...
Happy Monday and a merry, jolly week to all of you!!!!


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